What is Single’s Inferno about?

Single's Inferno. Netflix.
Single's Inferno. Netflix. /

Netflix subscribers are in for a wait with Love is Blind season 2 which won’t start streaming until February 2022. However, if you’re looking to squeeze your next reality dating fix into the holiday season then you’ll want to check out the Korean series, Single’s Inferno.

The show is Survivor-style romance television as its participants must rough it on Inferno Island before they can be given access to the heaven that is a luxury hotel. In order to escape “Hell” they’ll need to partner up, but it’s a task that’ll prove difficult since they aren’t allowed to share much about their personal lives while they’re on Inferno.

Their ages, jobs, and other information is all under wraps until they can spend time with each other at the hotel, the trick is getting there with not much to go on. Left only to navigate this situation through attraction and immediate interest, they could find they’re overlooking a potential great love in favor for a dud.

However, when the choice is between staying stranded on an island with very few amenities and skipping off to a hotel with anything they could possibly want, the participants may just make some bad decisions in the love department to make their way out of hell.

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Single’s Inferno synopsis

The official synopsis via Netflix:

"Hot and young singles are trapped on a “Hell Island” and the way to escape it is to become a couple with someone every night. Those who become a couple can move to “Heaven Island” for a night, where high quality food and accommodations are provided, while those who fail to become a couple spend the night self-sufficient in “Hell Island.”"

Watch the trailer for reality dating series below:

Will you be tuning into Single’s Inferno?

New episodes release Saturdays on Netflix. The series made its debut on Saturday, Dec. 18 with its first two episodes. According to Cinemaholic, the show which has an eight episode run, will release two new episodes a week until its finale on Saturday, Jan, 8, 2022.

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