The Unforgivable ending explained: How does the Netflix movie end?


The Unforgivable was released on Netflix on Dec. 10, and viewers are blown away by the ending of the drama film. While some viewers were hoping for things to turn out differently than they did because the movie seemed rushed, others thought everything wrapped up neatly. So how does The Unforgivable end?

We’ve seen some pretty good Christmas movies in December 2021 to put everyone in the Christmas spirit, such as A Castle for ChristmasSingle All The WayLove Hard, and The Princess Switch 3. But Netflix knows how to switch things up and give viewers other options by releasing content from different genres. There are just so many Christmas movies you can watch, but sometimes you need a break from those films.

The Unforgivable was a perfect addition to the streamer because it had an intriguing plot and a cast composed of amazingly talented stars. I mean, the leading star is Sandra Bullock. Need I say more?

Most of us have watched this new Netflix movie by now and need a breakdown of everything that happened at the end of the film. So we’re going to be your guide and let you know what occurred in the last moments of one of the best Netflix movies of 2021.

There are MAJOR The Unforgivable spoilers ahead!

The Unforgivable ending

The moments leading up to the movie’s ending were emotional and suspenseful, but it made everything make sense in the end. I just wished things had ended differently for Ruth and Katie.

Do Ruth and Blake get together?

Ruth and Blake do not get together in the film. It was very obvious that Blake liked Ruth, but it was unclear whether or not Ruth returned the feelings. In their conversations, Blake spoke the most while Ruth just listened. However, it did seem like she enjoyed his company and that a romance could’ve possibly blossomed between the two. But when Ruth confesses to Blake that she had just got out of prison for killing a cop, things go south in their relationship.

Blake goes and confides in a co-worker about Ruth’s confession, but somehow the confession ends up being spread around the job. Ruth returns to work and gets beaten up badly by one of the workers because her father was a cop. This throws a wrench into Ruth and Blake’s relationship.

Later on in the film, Blake apologizes to Ruth and explains that when she told him that she just got out of prison, it scared him, so he went and talked to someone else. He tells Ruth that he’s a convict, and that’s what made him freak out. Blake knew that they wouldn’t be able to be around each other anymore. After he apologizes, he walks off, and he’s never seen again in the film.

Would you have liked to see Ruth and Blake together if the circumstances were different?

Does Emily get kidnapped?

Unfortunately, Katie’s sister, Emily, does get kidnapped and held hostage by Steve in a case of mistaken identity. At the beginning of the film, Steve didn’t want to go through with harming Ruth like his brother Keith. But once Steve met Ruth and saw that she wasn’t remorseful for her actions, he became angry and was on board to take revenge on her, so he teamed up with his brother.

So when Ruth met with Emily, Steve was watching. Steve thought Emily was Katie and followed her home. Then, Steve became enraged when he caught his wife and brother sleeping together. This really made him want to harm Ruth.

So, he kidnaps Emily (who he thinks is Katie) and calls Ruth to tell her to meet with him or he’ll kill Emily. His whole plan was to make Ruth feel how he felt when she killed his father. So, he was going to kill Emily in front of Ruth. Fortunately, things turned out differently due to Ruth talking Steve down, and Emily and Ruth do not die.

Did Ruth kill the cop in The Unforgivable?

The question on everyone’s minds throughout the movie is if Ruth actually killed the cop in the standoff. Ruth does not kill the cop. After talking to Liz, Ruth confesses what happened the day of the shooting. Through flashbacks, we find out that Katie shot and killed the cop when he walked into their home during the standoff. In order to protect Katie, Ruth takes the fall and goes to prison for 20 years.

Does Ruth reunite with Katie?

Yes! Ruth reunites with Katie but not in the way many of us would’ve liked. After Steve lets Ruth and Emily go, they are met with cops outside. While Emily is taken to an ambulance to be looked at, Ruth is arrested. However, Ruth’s parole officer takes her from police custody, and they walk to his vehicle. As they are about to get in the car, Ruth turns around and notices Katie standing by her family at the ambulance, watching her. They share this intense look before Katie walks up to Ruth.

At this moment, it’s left up to the viewers’ interpretation on whether or not Katie recognizes Ruth. Katie looks Ruth up and down and takes several deep breaths before hugging Ruth. It’s hard to tell if Katie was hugging Ruth because she knew who she was or if she was just thankful that she saved her sister. Honestly, it could be for both reasons.

However, during this strong embrace, no words are said between the two. I wasn’t expecting Ruth to tell Katie who she was because she didn’t want to go against Katie’s parents’ wishes, but I would’ve liked to see Katie say something to Ruth. Instead, all we get is Ruth hugging Katie in the present time and flashbacks of Ruth hugging Katie when she was a little girl. Then the movie ends.

Did you enjoy watching The Unforgivable? What did you think of the film’s ending? Let us know in the comments down below! The Unforgivable is now streaming on Netflix.

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