A Christmas Prince 4 is not coming to Netflix in 2021

A Christmas Prince - Credit: Netflix
A Christmas Prince - Credit: Netflix /

It seems fans hoping for a fourth film in Netflix’s A Christmas Prince franchise will have to wait at least one more year for a return to the fictional kingdom of Aldovia. Netflix has confirmed its complete list of 2021 original holiday movies and, unfortunately, A Christmas Prince 4 will not be coming to Netflix this year.

Looking to give fans something to look forward to in the world of movies, Netflix has confirmed the list of original holiday movies and specials set to drop over the course of the holiday season. The big reveal confirmed several notable movies including a handful of new holiday films such as The Princess Switch 3, A Boy Called Christmas and A Castle for Christmas. Notably missing from the release list was A Christmas Prince 4, which was nowhere to be seen with not a single mention of the film within Netflix’s announcement.

Is A Christmas Prince 4 happening?

At this time, it remains uncertain whether Netflix has any plans to continue the Christmas Prince franchise as a fourth film was never officially announced. However, Netflix has fans hoping for more after it staged an unexpected crossover in last December’s The Princess Switch: Switched Again. 

With The Princess Switch 3 set to release later this year, it is perhaps possible that Netflix might look to use the film to set the stage for a holiday mash-up between its two beloved franchises. Plus move such as this would explain why there has been no news on the status of A Chrismas Prince 4.

It’s also possible that Netflix chose to make the Christmas Prince franchise a trilogy, rather than further the franchise beyond the series’ third film. Things did end on a rather perfect note in A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby so it seems to reason Netflix felt it best to end on top, which is something we can appreciate as fans of the franchise.

A Christmas Prince 4 release date

As a fourth film in the franchise has not yet been confirmed, no release date has been announced for A Christmas Prince 4. Should Netflix decide to proceed with a fourth film, it seems the earliest the film would arrive would be in the fall of 2022 timed just before the holiday season.

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