Is Kingdom on Netflix actually scary?

Kingdom - Credit: Netflix
Kingdom - Credit: Netflix /

Haven’t watched Kingdom yet? Well, the spooky season has just begun, and this series is a great way to start it off.

Kingdom is a K-drama that combines Joseon period Korea with the terrors of the undead. This isn’t just another zombie show. It’s probably the best zombie show that’s ever been made, including The Walking Dead franchise.

There are currently two seasons available, each with season six hour-long episodes. With a total of 12 episodes and the recent prequel movie Ashin of the North, bingeing this series will leave you gnawing for more.

Season 1 of Kingdom introduces the crown prince Lee Chang (Ju Ji-Hoon), who is worried about the health of his father, the king. The Cho Clan has taken hold of the military in his absence, branding Chang as a traitor in order to secure a Cho as the new prince. A ways away, nurse Seo-bi (Bae Doona) is one of the first to come face-to-face with the undead.

Season 2 continues the story with newfound allies. Will Chang be able to protect his people from the massive infected horde? Can Seo-bi find a cure for the terrible illness? And what’s the secret behind the flower that brings the dead back to life?

The movie Ashin of the North explains the harrowing backstory of Shin, a mysterious character introduced in the last minute of the Kingdom season 2 finale. She will most likely act as an antagonist with an opposing viewpoint in the unannounced (but expected) season 3.

Is the Kingdom series scary?

Kingdom isn’t a show that terrorizes with jump scares. This series is as meticulously crafted as Game of ThronesThe writing, acting, on-site shooting, cinematography and visual effects leave absolutely nothing to be desired… except for more episodes!

Instead of making you jump, Kingdom crawls into the back of your head and sits there. In the middle of the night, you start to think about the horrors of the infected. The epidemic can infect anything, including tigers, which become practically unkillable. The zombification process happens in the blink of an eye, turning a friend to a foe in seconds. Watching helpless townspeople watch frozen in fear while the infected start to rise, knowing what will happen to them, is terrifying! The suspense built in Kingdom is one of the show’s greatest qualities.

Besides the terrifying visuals of these unique monsters, with gagging and joint-creaking that rivals The Exorcist, there’s nothing scarier than zombies that can run. Even soldiers on horseback can barely escape a sprinting undead horde. Nothing can keep these zombies from getting to you, when all they want is human flesh and blood. Kingdom doesn’t actually need jump scares when its monsters are just that good!

Start watching Kingdom exclusively on Netflix today. Whether you decide to binge two seasons and a movie in a day or take your time, definitely don’t watch this one at night.

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