Behind Her Eyes season 1 ending and scope of season 2

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Behind Her Eyes - Courtesy of Netflix /

Behind Her Eyes took us on a twisty journey. How did it end, and what can we expect for season 2?

Psychological thrillers are always been the kind to pull you to the edge of your seat and make you sweat by giving you all kinds of feelings the person on the screen experiencing at the moment. But, we do end up with a similar impression that “Psychological Thrillers” aren’t everyone’s cup of tea and if they interest you, you might have already watched the series I am going to talk about.

Yep! We are here to chat about the most fascinating show and the more shocking ending that has left us numb and we sure will never recover from it, Behind Her Eyes

What a show!

No, don’t get me wrong because I am giving two controversial statements one after the other. It was an amazing show indeed, of six episodes that first aired on Feb. 17, 2021.

Having said that, the ending of Behind Her Eyes left us with many questions.

And the first question that pops up now, will David ever know? Let me break down the ending for you first.

If you have already watched the series and made it to the end, we now know that David and Louise are now married. However, we also know that Louise isn’t Louise but Rob, and Rob is now not Adele but Louise.

Am I confusing you? Of course, I am. Let’s start from the top.

That’s the beginning: What all happened?

Adele and David are seen to be a married couple with a good yet not so happy life. While David is a psychiatrist, his wife Adele has been suffering from trauma from years back.

Going forward, while David meets Louise, he loses his heart at then and they start an affair. On the other hand, Louise also befriends Adele.

Where is this love triangle taking us? Well, towards suspense, I would say. We have seen how Adele had the power to lucid dreaming where she can control her dreams when walked into an imaginary door.

This lucid dreaming also leads to Astro projection. Through which she can travel across the places she knew. Putting a hold on that, and let’s meet Rob, the mastermind of the show. And how all this was already known to Rob.

He knew everything!

The first big plan on Behind Her Eyes: Mysterious guy, Rob

Adele and Rob met way before in a psychiatric institution where Rob was getting treated for his addiction and Adele was being cured for her trauma of the fire that killed her parents.

Rob learns one after the other about Adele’s ability and writes everything in his journal.

He one day plans to astral project and swap bodies with Adele. The poor woman agrees to it and swaps into the body of Rob, which he had already injected with drugs to trap her down in his body.

He then kills Adele with his body and starts a new life in Adele’s body.

Going further, when David refuses to believe something as supernatural as that he decides to divorce Adele for her not-so-normal behavior, which also includes her accusing and blackmailing David for Rob’s death.

The second big plan: All in his brain

Here comes another twist in the Behind Her Eyes story, where Rob befriends Louise after hearing about the separation from David and teaches her astral projection through his journal. The woman who has been suffering from bad dreams indeed takes Adele’s (Rob) offer.

But, the fact that she was also being stalked by Adele through astral projection terrifies Louise.

The Behind Her Eyes shocking end: Happily ever after?

After an outbreak and verbal argument between Louise and Adele, Adele informs her friend, Louise, that she is going to end her life. Scared for her good friend’s life, Louise astral projects to save Adele’s life.

And at the same time, Rob leaves Adele’s body and enters Louise’s body trapping the woman in Adele’s drugged body just like before.

He then kills Louise in Adele’s body through an overdose to clear his path.

Why did Rob do all this?

Rob was clearly in love with David and wanted to have everything Adele had. He then killed Adele and got into Louise’s because David was planning to leave Adele for Louise.

After all this, what did David do when he found about Adele killing Rob? He kept quiet because he knew he would be the first to be suspected because his watch was found near Rob’s body.

At the end of the show, we have seen David and Louise happily married and starting a new life leaving us concerned about Adam, Louise’s son.

We can see where this journey is leading us. The way Rob had carried the suspense throughout the show is incredible, and it is keeping us, like I initially said, on the edge of our seats.

Scope for Behind Her Eyes season 2: Anticipation

Although the series has ended, it left us so many open questions. Like the one mentioned earlier: will David ever know about Rob? What would this new mother of Adam bring him?

Like the questions above, there is another question: will Behind Her Eyes season 2 happen?

Most likely, the limited series got really popular over time, and the chances of getting a season 2 are very high.

The storyline of the show will probably revolve around David and Louise’s newly wedded life. But, what if David loses interest in Louise, who is now Rob because of his strange behavior and realizing that she isn’t the woman he loved?

Will Rob continue his dangerous acts to attain David’s attention and keep up with his “happily forever” dream with David?

We will surely see Simona Brown as Louise, Tom Bateman as David, and also many hidden flashbacks of Rob, played by Robert Aramayo.

All in all, we know that Behind Her Eyes season 2 will be as exciting as the first season was. No matter when it gets aired, the certainty that it will be loved as equally much or more is definite.

All we can do now is wait and re-watch our beloved series. What are you waiting for? Let’s get ready for another marathon of six episodes with a lot more excitement.

Behind Her Eyes is available to stream on Netflix.

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