Dress up as Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher in a DIY Halloween costume

The Witcher on Netflix, photo credit: Katalin Vermes
The Witcher on Netflix, photo credit: Katalin Vermes /

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Henry Cavill is returning as Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher for the show’s second season, which will premiere on Netflix on December 17. If you’ve already watched the adventures of Geralt, Yennefer, and Cirilla a few times and want another way to demonstrate your love for the fantasy television show, consider dressing up as the titular character this Halloween with a DIY costume. Check out all the parts you’ll need to pull off the Witcher look below.


Discover VGbeaty's wig on Amazon.
Discover VGbeaty’s wig on Amazon. /

Geralt is nothing without his strikingly just-below-the-shoulder white hair, which he tends to have in a half-up most of the time. This wig will save you the hours and pain of dying your locks.

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Discover Dark Paradise's clothing set on Amazon.
Discover Dark Paradise’s clothing set on Amazon. /

Geralt has to be ready at a moment’s notice in case danger is near. To be action-ready, he wears a button-up top and leather pants. This set is nearly identical to Henry Cavill’s costume and includes a necklace, but we have a better option below.

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Witcher necklace

Discover henreshe's Witcher necklace on Amazon.
Discover henreshe’s Witcher necklace on Amazon. /

As a monster hunter, also known as a Witcher, Geralt wears the order’s medallion in season one, which features the profile of a wolf encircled in silver. This one is practically the same as the one seen on the show.

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Discover AdTec Footwear's boots on Amazon.
Discover AdTec Footwear’s boots on Amazon. /

Traveling across the Continent is challenging work and having the right kind of boots is helpful. These are waterproof, made of leather, have a soft toe box, and will last beyond Halloween.

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Discover Neptune Trading, Inc.'s foam sword on Amazon.
Discover Neptune Trading, Inc.’s foam sword on Amazon. /

Fighters need weapons, and Geralt is no exception. He usually has his trusty sword laying on his back or unsheathed, ready to take someone down. For Halloween, though, it might be best to leave the steel at home and take this foam version instead.

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