5 shows and movies on Netflix to watch this week: Sex Education and more

Sex Education - Credit: Sam Taylor
Sex Education - Credit: Sam Taylor /

September has already been a great month, and there’s still some excellent content to arrive. Here are five great shows and movies on Netflix this week.

We’ve got another week of great content. The problem with a full week of great content is that feeling of overwhelm. Just what do you choose from the list of great shows and movies on Netflix throughout the week?

Whether you want comedy or horror, Netflix has you covered. There are new seasons of popular TV shows, or you can rewatch some of your favorite movies from the past. Some shows are great for the whole family, but others are for when the kids go to bed.

Now you just need to decide what you’re watching. It’s time for the top five picks from the list of weekly releases.

5 must-watch shows and movies on Netflix this week

Sex Education season 3

For those in the mood for comedy, Sex Education is most definitely one of the shows and movies on Netflix you need to watch. The third season arrives at the end of the week, with all your favorite characters returning.

There’s a new principal at the school. Will this solve all the problems of the past? Probably not!

Nailed It! season 6

Another comedy series that is also a reality show you’ll want to tune into is Nailed It! season 6. Nicole Byer is back to see wannabe bakers attempt some of the most lavish cakes, cookies, and more. The good thing is that these wannabe bakers know that they’re not the greatest, and they’re there to have fun and win the competition.

At the end of each episode, someone walks away with the cash prize. Someone also walks away with some baking equipment. There’s a lot of laughter along the way.


Love fantasy horror? Netflix is bringing Nightbooks during the week. Krysten Ritter and Lidya Jewett star in the movie based on the novel of the same name by J.A. White.

The story follows a young boy who loves scary stories. Maybe he gets more than he bargained for because of his obsession. It’s certainly going to be entertaining for all ages.

Squid Game season 1

If you loved Alice in Borderland, you’re going to want to check out Squid Game. This Korean sci-fi series sees a group of people head into some mysterious survival game, where they will need to literally fight if they want to survive and win the financial prize at the end.

They don’t necessarily know what they’re getting into. What happens while they’re inside? You’ll only find out by watching.


Finally, it’s all about one of the greatest horror franchises going. Jaws has certainly made a few people question heading to the beach over the years, and you can watch all four movies in the franchise during the week. Yes, we’re cheating bringing extra shows and movies on Netflix this week.

The first movie is certainly the best. It follows a shark that terrorizes a small beach. Is anyone safe?

Which shows and movies on Netflix are you watching this week? Let us know in the comments below.

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