Lucifer series finale spoilers: How does Lucifer end?


Fans all over the world are gathering around their TVs, phones, computers, and tablets to stream Lucifer season 6, which just premiered on Netflix on Friday, Sept. 10, 2021.

Unfortunately, Lucifer season 6 is the final season of the Netflix original series. This is the end of the great series. There is no season 7. Everyone wants to know how it all ends. There

Whether you don’t have time to watch Lucifer season 6 or you just need a little refresher on what happened in the Lucifer series finale, we shared the list of Lucifer series finale spoilers below!

So much goes down in the Lucifer series finale! I had to watch the episode twice to catch it all. MAJOR SPOILERS for Lucifer season 6 ahead! 

What happens to Lucifer and Chloe in the Lucifer finale?

The Lucifer series finale is a rollercoaster Lucifer and Chloe! We begin the episode with the pair trying to save their daughter, Rory, from Vincent Le Mec. After one last great action sequence, the pair survive and save Rory. Chloe kills Le Mec.

Rory time-traveled in season 6 to find out why her father was never there for her and why he made the decision to return to Hell. It’s a big thing season to say the absolute least, but it all makes sense in the finale.

After Amenadiel becomes God, Lucifer realizes he must return to Hell to save all those tortured souls. That’s his new mission in life. Unfortunately, that means never being there for Rory or Chloe.

Chloe has Rory, which we see in an incredible montage, and continues with the LAPD, moving up all the wait to become Lieutenant. We also see Chloe on her deathbed saying goodbye and see you in Heaven to Rory.

After leaving Earth, Chloe meets Amenadiel at the place in between. He asks her if she is ready to come home, and she says yes. We assume this means Heaven, but PLOT TWIST!

We catch up with Lucifer, who is hosting Hell therapy, trying to save these poor souls. Then, there’s a knock at the door, and it’s Chloe! We get one more “Hello, Detective,” from Lucifer, and one last Deckerstar kiss.

Chloe chose Lucifer after all. Yay for love!

Does Rory die in Lucifer season 6?

No! Almost!

Rory is almost killed by Le Mec, who is trying to make Lucifer pay. We see Rory save Lucifer’s life at the last minute by breaking the chains holding her very scary wings.

Rory is pulled back into her timeline after traveling back in time to find out why Lucifer abandoned her and her mother. It all makes sense, though, when they realize he did it all for Rory.

Do Maze and Eve get married in Lucifer season 6?

Yes, Maze and Eve get married in Lucifer season 6, but not without a little drama after Adam shows ups, and that’s actually in season 6, episode 7, not in the finale.

In the finale, we find out that Maze and Eve are living happily ever after and rounding up bad guys.

Does Amenadiel become God?

Yes! Amenadiel becomes God and continues in a part-time parental role. The last we see of Amenadiel and Linda is on Charlie’s birthday. Amenadiel is almost late for the candles, but he arrives just in time for those and just in time for Charlie to get his wings!

Does Dan make it to Heaven in Lucifer season 6?

Yes! Dan does eventually make it to Heaven. He realized that he was stuck in between because he had so much guilt about being a bad father to Trixie. After he commandeers a body, he’s able to say goodbye to Trixie and leaves his guilt behind, which allows his soul to move on.

In the Lucifer series finale, we meet up with Dan at a cafe with Charlotte in Heaven. It sure looks like Dan is living his best (after)life.

Does Ella learn the truth about Lucifer?

Yes, Ella eventually learns the truth about Lucifer and everyone and roasts everyone in the process. She was too good not to put all the pieces together eventually.

In the finale, we also see Ella starting the STEM program. It also appears that Ella and Carol are dating, although that’s more hinted at rather than confirmed.

Where is Trixie in the Lucifer finale?

This is the biggest question mark of the whole season for me. We see Trixie in season 6, but it’s during the future montage where things get weird. We see Chloe and the rest of the gang moving on with their lives, but Trixie is nowhere to be found after we see Chloe bring baby Rory home from the hospital. We see Trixie kiss Rory on the head, and that’s the last we see of her.

At Chloe’s bedside when she’s about to die, it’s only Rory there to be with her mom.

So, that’s all that went down in the Lucifer series finale! We hope you enjoyed it!

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