Is See on Netflix?

Episode 8. Jason Momoa in “See” season 2, premiering August 27, 2021 on Apple TV+. Photo courtesy Apple TV+
Episode 8. Jason Momoa in “See” season 2, premiering August 27, 2021 on Apple TV+. Photo courtesy Apple TV+ /

Fans of science fiction and Game of Thrones are flocking to view Jason Momoa’s latest show, See. The hit show is critically acclaimed for its breathtaking special effects, a must-have for any sci-fi show. With a show like this, viewers need to know, is See on Netflix?

Alongside Momoa, Alfre Woodard, Syliva Hoeks and Christian Camargo star in this alternate timeline show set in the 21st century. Much different than the current timeline, a virus wiped out humanity, leaving it with a population reduced to only 2 million, and robbing them of their sense of sight.

Momoa’s character, Baba Voss is the Chieftan of the Alkenny Tribe, a group located in the mountains. Upon the arrival of a woman who is 3 months pregnant, Voss decides to wed her, finally achieving the status of fatherhood that had long eluded him. As word begins to spread that the child’s father still has his sense of sight, a rival group descends upon the Alkenny Tribe on a hunt for the child.

This sci-fi drama puts a spin on the chosen one trope that is so often used in the genre. Momoa brings his character to life with a great performance. The supporting cast is strong and full of talented performers.

Is See on Netflix?

The bad news is, See is currently not on Netflix and is unlikely to arrive on the streaming platform anytime in the near future.

With See unavailable for Netflix viewers, fans of the show can check out Frontier, also starring Jason Momoa, and The Walking Dead, both available to stream now.

Where to watch See

See is currently available on the streaming service, Apple TV+. Season 1 is fully available for streaming and season 2 premiered Aug. 27, with the finale set for release on Oct. 15. As one of the platform’s exclusive originals, Apple TV+ is the only place See is available.

Will you be watching See?

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