The Circle season 3 spoilers: Which players are actually catfish?

The Circle season 3 - Credit: Netflix
The Circle season 3 - Credit: Netflix /

A new season of The Circle has begun as ten new players have already entered the game in hopes of taking home the grand prize and becoming the latest winner of Netflix’s buzzy competition series!

As in past seasons of the show, our contestants have once again been given the choice between entering The Circle as their authentic selves or as a catfish of their choice. While there are a decent number of contestants opting to play as themselves this season, our first batch of contestants features several lovable catfish each entering the game with their own unique strategy and reasoning for playing as someone else.

Wondering just how many catfish have entered the mix thus far this season? Below we share the complete breakdown of The Circle season 3 catfishing contestants!

ALERT! If you haven’t yet checked out the first episodes of the new season, there are minor spoilers ahead regarding the additions of new cast members and which players are competing as catfish this season of The Circle.

The Circle season 3 catfish

In total, there have been four catfish to enter The Circle season 3 with two joining the cast within the first episode and another pair making their way into the mix within the third episode of the season. Let’s take a look at this season’s catfish!

Ashley: The first catfish to enter The Circle this season was Matthew, who is playing the game as his best friend Ashley.

Ava: This catfish story has a major twist! While Ava is a real person and is playing the game as herself, she has a bit of help as her sister Chanel has joined her in the game to help lend her assistance in navigating the game alongside Ava.

Isabella: Introduced in episode 3, Isabella is the catfish persona of Sophia who chooses to enter the game as her older sister.

Jackson: Also introduced in episode 3, Jackson is our first male catfish of the season with his profile actually belonging to Rachel. So what’s the connection between the two? Jackson is the boyfriend of Rachel’s best friend!

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