Is The Loud House on Netflix? Where to watch the show online


The Loud House Movie makes its land on Netflix Friday, August 20. Fans of Nickelodeon’s largest and loudest family are set to have a wild, good time on vacation with the Louds. It’s going to be a royal musical adventure. One for both the history and the song books.

But what about The Loud House series? Can Netflix subscribers expect to hop from the movie straight to binge watching the show?

Lincoln’s journey in the film isn’t one that was started in the days leading up to the Louds’ trip to Scotland. He’s always felt like he’s been trapped in his sisters’ shadows. He has ten of them and they each have something special that sets them apart.

The only boy in the Loud clan has been trying to find his own way since the series began on Nickelodeon in 2016. If you’re looking to see his journey from the beginning, here’s how to watch The Loud House online!

Where to stream The Loud House

Unfortunately, The Loud House isn’t on Netflix and won’t be coming to the platform at the same time as the movie. However, the series does have a streaming home.

Currently season1-4 of the show are available to stream on Paramount+. The fifth season hasn’t finished airing on Nickelodeon, so there will be a wait to see the next installment of the series unless you catch episodes on television.

The Loud House has been greenlit for a sixth season on Nickelodeon, so there will be more adventures with Lincoln and the rest of the Louds coming soon. There’s also a live-action Christmas special coming to Nickelodeon November 2021. It looks like we’re in for a pretty Loud-filled rest of the year.

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