The Loud House Movie age rating: Is it appropriate for kids?

The Loud House Movie - Key Art. Courtesy of Netflix.
The Loud House Movie - Key Art. Courtesy of Netflix. /

The Loud House Movie is the biggest film for kids heading to Netflix in August. The Netflix original movie which centers on the Louds, Nickelodeon’s largest and loudest family, will take viewers to the rolling hills of Scotland for a musical adventure.

With their suitcases packed and their sights set on their ancestral home, the Louds are headed off on a fun-filled vacation. However, their fun is set to increase exponentially when they find out that they’re descended from royalty, and Lincoln’s next in line to become the duke.

Loch Loud won’t know what hit them when this family washes up on shore, but they’ll certainly be in for a wild time. The Louds do nothing by halves and with a dragon in tow their plans will be even zanier and liable to drive some of the town up a wall.

If you’re excited to jump into this movie when it lands on Netflix Friday, August 20, here’s a rundown of its age appropriateness for younger children.

The Loud House Movie age rating

An official rating hasn’t been released for The Loud House Movie at this time, however, the series the film is based on is rated TV-Y7. That means the show is appropriate for ages 7 and up.

IMDb’s Parental Guide for The Loud House goes into further detail explaining that the show’s rating is based on rude humor, cartoon violence, mild innuendo, and frightening imagery. The movie is likely to feature similar content as the show.

Fantasy violence is also a possible thematic element as there is a character who wields magic in the movie and intends to impede the Louds’ ascension to the throne.

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