Control Z season 2 ending explained: Who was the Avenger?

CONTROL Z Season 1, Episode 5 - Courtesy of Ana Cristina Blumenkron/Netflix
CONTROL Z Season 1, Episode 5 - Courtesy of Ana Cristina Blumenkron/Netflix /

There was another “hacker” to find on Control Z season 2, and this one threatened lives. Here’s a breakdown of the Control Z season 2 ending.

After Raúl was revealed as the hacker, he had a lot of making up to do to get his friends back. Of course, nobody wanted to be friends with him, and there was a much bigger issue at hand.

Someone known as The Avenger was attacking students at the school. Students were buried alive, they were drugged, and there was even an incident involving bees. Sofia and Javi (and later Raúl) went on a hunt to figure out who the Avenger was before it was too late.

Everything was revealed in the final episodes of the season. Of course, it didn’t just end with a reveal. There’s a cliffhanger to leave us with a potential storyline for Control Z season 3.

Who was the Avenger on Control Z season 2?

There were a few theories about who was behind the Avenger account on Control Z. Once again, Sofia managed to figure it out, and the big reveal came on the rooftop of building. This time, it was the rooftop of the school.

The Avenger had attacked Sofia through her anti-anxiety meds. It was an attempt to keep Sofia out of the picture when The Avenger finally got her hands on Gerry. Sofia realized her pills had been tampered with though, faking an attack so the Avenger would think she’d been hurt.

Yes, it was a “her” when it came to the Avenger. It should have been pretty obvious from the start. Alex, the technologically gifted student, was the one behind it all.

Alex blamed herself for everything that happened to Luis. She’d encouraged Luis to show Gerry the drawing Luis had done of him. At first, Gerry liked it, but then Gerry turned against Luis and allowed other students to make fun of Luis. This all ended up escalating into the fight that happened at the school in the first season.

However, Alex never wanted to actually hurt anyone except Luis. She wanted people to feel as guilty as she felt, and that’s why as well as putting people in danger, she always led clues and made sure the people were found in time.

All Alex wanted in the end was for Gerry to fell remorseful and potentially kill himself. Sofia and Javi managed to talk her out of it, but Javi picked up the gun she had and aimed it at Raúl. Javi wanted Raúl to pay for everything he did.

Who fell off the building?

Of course, it was all going to end with something going wrong. Alex, Sofia, Gerry, Raúl and Javi weren’t the only ones at the top of the building at the end of the episode.

Maria and Susanna end up on the roof. Maria finds Raúl’s stolen money, which was money that Alex stole after Gabriella left for Spain without Alex. Ouch!

The fight involved everyone on the roof, and Susanna ended up falling off the building with the money. Pablo was in the parking lot, where he grabbed the money and ran. Raúl, Maria, and Sofia watched from the top of the building.

That’s where we leave everyone. There is certainly a story there for Control Z season 3. After all, will anyone believe that Susanna just happened to fall off the building after Gerry’s forced Instagram Story?

What did you think of Control Z season 2? Did you figure out the Avenger’s identity? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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