What is Gone for Good on Netflix about?

GONE FOR GOOD SEASON 1 Photo Courtesy: Netflix
GONE FOR GOOD SEASON 1 Photo Courtesy: Netflix /

August 2021 has already gotten off to a great start with InceptionFriday Night Lights, and 30 Rock all being added to Netflix at the beginning of the month. It looks like the month is only going to get better each day as we have yet another great release coming your way.

Gone for Good is a limited original series slated to debut on Netflix later this month. The series is full of mystery, shocking twists, and is sure to leave you on the edge of your seats, desperate to watch the next episode. Before the show releases, we want to fill you in on everything you can expect for this new release so that you can prepare yourself for yet another great Netflix title.

Everything to know about Gone for Good is right here.

What is Gone for Good on Netflix about?

Based on a novel written by Harlan Coben, Gone for Good tells the story of a man trying to locate a woman who suddenly vanishes off the face of the Earth. With no leads or suspicions as to where she may have gone, he must put the pieces together to unravel the mysterious life of his former lover, but he’ll soon learn that some things are just better off hidden.

More on the official synopsis via Netflix, right here:

"Guillaume Lucchesi, in his thirties, thought he had drawn a line under the terrible tragedy which saw the two people he loved the most die: Sonia, his first love, and Fred, his brother. Ten years later, Judith, whose love has made his life worth living again, suddenly disappears during his mother’s funeral. To find her, Guillaume will have to face all the truths that were hidden from him by his family and friends, as well as those that he’d long decided to ignore. For better, but mostly for worse."

The cast of this new release features True Detective actor Bojesse Christopher playing the role of Jo Ostertag, Nicolas Duvauchelle as Fred, Nailia Harzoune as Judith, Garance Marillier as Sonia, and Reinventing Marvin actor Finnegan Oldfield playing the role of Guillaume Lucchesi. Check out Oldfield and the rest of the cast in the official trailer for this upcoming limited series, down below.

Gone for Good release date

Gone for Good begins streaming on Netflix on August 13, 2021.

Be sure to mark your calendars so that you don’t miss a second of this thrilling series!

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