Where to stream The White Lotus right now (since it's not on Netflix)

This acclaimed HBO anthology series will return for a third season. Want to catch up? Here's where you can watch.
Connie Britton in The White Lotus - Courtesy of Mario Perez/HBO
Connie Britton in The White Lotus - Courtesy of Mario Perez/HBO /

The Emmy and Golden Globe Award-winning drama The White Lotus is a darkly hilarious anthology series from creator Mike White that follows the employees and guests of the fictional White Lotus hotel chain. Premiering in 2021, the series has gone on to become one of HBO's most popular and acclaimed. It will return for a third season, set to premiere in 2025.

The White Lotus is streaming on Max

With awards season winding down, the hype surrounding The White Lotus has faded from the limelight somewhat, but we know another season is in the works and the cast will include stars like Parker Posey, Carrie Coon, Walton Goggins, and Netflix star Sarah Catherine Hook from First Kill.

You can watch the first two seasons of The White Lotus right now by signing up for a subscription to Max.

  1. Head to the Max homepage and enter your email
  2. Choose your plan (With Ads, Ad-Free, or Ultimate Ad-Free)
  3. Enter your payment method to finalize your account
  4. Begin watching The White Lotus


What You'll Get


With Ads

Via Max:

Stream on 2 devices at once; Full HD video resolution

$9.99 per month


Via Max:

Stream on 2 devices at once; Full HD video resolution; 30 downloads to watch on the go

$15.99 per month

Ultimate Ad-Free

Via Max:

Stream on 4 devices at once; 4K Ultra HD video quality as available; Dolby Atmos immersive audio as available; 100 downloads to watch on the go

$19.99 per month

Max also offers annual plans for those who would rather pay a larger amount upfront and save more in the long run. You can save up to 20% if you choose an annual plan.

If you'd prefer to own a copy of The White Lotus, you can purchase digital copies of the season. Amazon currently has the full first season for $22.99 and season 2 is $24.99. Additionally, the series has been released on home video, so you can pick up a DVD copy of them both from retailers. Amazon also sells the physical copies. It doesn't look like they're currently available on Blu-ray.

Personally, I'd recommend just signing up for a Max account in this case. Normally I'd advocate for the home video versions, but I enjoy getting Blu-ray or 4K resolution as the quality is much better than on regular DVDs, though it never hurts to own a physical copy of your favorite shows either.

It's probably not worth purchasing the show digitally when you can watch it cheaper on Max and there are plenty of other great HBO and Max shows to watch like True Detective: Night Country and Kate Winslet's new series The Regime. Plus, House of the Dragon is set to return in June.

The White Lotus season 2. Image courtesy HBO /

The White Lotus reviews and awards

Even if you haven't watched The White Lotus yet, odds are that you've heard of the show. The series has won 15 Emmys across its two seasons, including acting awards for Jennifer Coolidge and Murray Bartlett, plus the overall win for Outstanding Limited or Anthology Series for its debut season.

Critics and viewers even seemed to enjoy the second season more than the first with Mini Anthikad-Chhibber from The Hindu calling it, "A dazzling exploration of jealousy, desire, and sexual politics."

The first season follows hotel guests played by actors like Connie Britton, Sydney Sweeney, Alexandra Daddario, Steve Zahn, Lukas Gage, and Coolidge as they relax at the beautiful White Lotus Resort in Hawaii, but it soon becomes apparent that just about everyone at the hotel is battling some kind of inner demon or dark secret.

Following in the first season's footsteps, The White Lotus season 2 pivots to a Sicilian resort and sees the return of Coolidge as the character Tanya McQuoid. The upcoming third season will take place in Thailand.

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