What is The Devil Below about?

Netflix is shaping into a horror fan’s dream. It seems like every week the streamer has another entry in the genre releasing on their platform whether it’s a Netflix original movie or a film that hit the big or small screen. There’s always something to indulge that skin-crawling craving some viewers have. One of the latest to land on the streamer is The Devil Below.

This 2021 thriller debuted to a limited theater audience in March, but with its Netflix release, a broader and more enthusiastic horror viewership is right there for the picking. Fitting considering The Devil Below’s mysterious happenings revolve around a coal mining town where people have vanished.

Will Patton plays Schuttmann, a miner who lost his son to whatever it is that’s been snatching people in town. Charging himself with the task of ensuring the safety of whoever dares enter the dangerous area his home has turned into, Schuttmann is the man standing between this creature and those who have yet to become its victims.

As is the case with the promise of thrills and adventures, people haven’t stayed away from the small town despite the possibility of going missing themselves. Among those who have come to see the mystery are a quartet of adventurers who are in over their heads.

The Devil Below synopsis

The synopsis according to IMDb:

A group of four amateur adventurers who specialize in exploring remote and forsaken places pay a visit to Shookum Hills, a town in the remote Appalachian Mountains, which was abandoned decades ago due to a mysterious coal mine fire.

What could possibly be driving people out of town or snatching them up unexpectedly? It’s unclear, but judging from the trailer, it’s hidden in the fog that descends on Shookum Hills like a cloud. The hills may not have eyes in this town, but the shadowy depths certainly do.

Watch the trailer below:

Will you be watching The Devil Below on Netflix?