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BAD TRIP(2021)Lil Rel Howery as Bud Malone and Eric AndrŽ as Chris Carey.Cr: Dimitry Elyashkevich/NETFLIX
BAD TRIP(2021)Lil Rel Howery as Bud Malone and Eric AndrŽ as Chris Carey.Cr: Dimitry Elyashkevich/NETFLIX /
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Bad Trip pranks
BAD TRIP(2021) Eric André as Chris Carey. NETFLIX /

Good pranks from Bad Trip on Netflix

12. Car Wash

The opening prank sets off the events of the plot by setting up Chris to meet Maria, his high school crush. However, Chris is vacuuming a car, which is already a little sloppy, only made worse by the vacuum stripping him naked. This prank is made all the better by using one poor man to bounce between Chris and Maria, keeping him invested in the prank by making him a part of it.

11. Car Crash

Bud and Chris have a falling out and crash Trina’s car. After stumbling out of the wreck, they proceed to exchange heated words and throw hands at each other in front of a shocked group of people who try to mediate the tension. The onlookers visibly cringe and shift negotiation tactics when they realize that the car isn’t theirs and the cops could get involved – a great instance of demonstrating comedy between two parties with different values and priorities.

10. Pop-Up Art Show

Chris interrupts Maria during her big art presentation in front of an admiring crowd to ask her if she wants to be with him, which she politely rebuffs. Then, out of nowhere, Trina crashes through the installation and chases down Chris, destroying all the art in the process. The prank gets by primarily on the faces of the public, which changes from concerned at Chris interrupting Maria to stunned at the car crash. Definitely the best management of tension within the movie’s pranks.

9. Grocery Shopping

Chris and Bud find drugs in Trina’s glove compartment and mistake them for mints. They then go grocery shopping, allowing them to act high and go crazy with unsuspecting fellow shoppers. The addition of hyper-real situations into the prank allow Andre and Howery to go above and beyond with goofiness here, making for some of the most ludicrous interactions of the movie. Also, the editing veers into Eric Andre Show territory in this prank, which was most welcome.