Is Audrey on Netflix?

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Any documentary feature that focuses on Hollywood legend and fashion icon Audrey Hepburn is a must-watch affair, and many people are understandably curious to learn if the 2020 documentary Audrey is available on Netflix.

Netflix has a robust amount of eye-opening endeavors when it comes to the realm of documentaries, and several of their incredibly enthralling non-fiction features have won all kinds of accolades, including the coveted Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature. Titles like Icarus, American Factory, Crip Camp, My Octopus Teacher, and there is no denying that Audrey would be a magnificent addition to an already pretty stacked lineup.

The doc brilliantly pays tribute to the titular star released on DVD and Blu Ray on December 15, 2020, before coming out on VOD/ Digital release on January 5, 2021. The Holywood Reporter called Audrey a “pleasure,” and the Chicago Sun-Times revered it for its leading lady’s timeless star power.

"“The film provides ample evidence of her star power and a solid summary of her journey through show business and humanitarian work.”"

The worthwhile endeavor explores the remarkable life of the infamous Hollywood starlet, fashion icon, and humanitarian. Audrey is helmed by Chasing Perfect director Helena Coan and with a runtime of one hour and forty minutes, there is little reason for fans to sleep on this inspiring and feel-good experience.

Is Audrey available to stream on Netflix?

It’s no surprise Netflix subscribers want to know if they can get a glimpse into the life of three-time BAFTA winner, BAFTA Lifetime Achievement recipient, Golden Globe Cecil B. DeMille Award recipient, Screen Actor’s Guild Life Achievement Award, and the Special Tony Award. She is also one of 16 people to have garnered an EGOT or won an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony awards.

For those wondering whether or not the biographical documentary film is available to stream on Netflix, we have the answers you are looking for. The news regarding this conundrum about the doc featuring thee breakfast at tiffany’s star is rather good because Audrey is, in fact, available for subscribers to stream on the streaming service.

Check out the trailer for Audrey below:

Will you be watching Audrey on Netflix?

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