When is Girl in the Basement coming to Netflix?

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True crime movies and shows have never been more in demand, and many are wondering when Girl in the Basement will make its way to Netflix.

Netflix has been known to stack its library with titles their subscribers want to see, and when it comes to the mysterious and suspenseful genre, they have yet to disappoint with their selection. Some exceptional options that currently exist within the streaming service’s ranks include Lost Girls, Spotlight, Mollys Game, The Irishman, and more.

Girl in the Basement has been touted as a must-watch affair by those who have experienced the intriguing feature, and it’s hard to argue that it wouldn’t make a great addition to Netflix’s list of titles. Right now, it’s free on Lifetime’s website and available on any live TV service, like FuboTV, that offers up content for Lifetime, as well as being able to purchase or rent on certain formats.

But the question that remains for many is when, if at all, will Girl in the Basement be available to stream on Netflix?

What is Girl in the Basement about?

The crime thriller film directed by Elisabeth Rohm is based on the infamous Fritzl case that occurred from 1984 until 2008. Josef Fritzl, a resident of Amstetten, Austria, kidnapped his 18-year-old daughter Elisabeth in a room in his basement of their home, where she is kept, assaulted, and tormented by her father for more than two decades.

When will Girl in the Basement be available on Netflix?

As of right now, there have been no official plans for Girl in the Basement to make its way to Netflix. This does mean the motion picture based on actual events could eventually end up on the streaming service, but for now, there seems to be nothing set in stone regarding whether or not subscribers will be able to check it out.

As soon as an announcement is made indicating that Girl in the Basement will make its debut on Netflix, we will be sure to share those details with everyone right away.

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