Which Batman movies are on Netflix?

Photo: Batman Forever.. Image Courtesy Warner Bros. / DC Universe
Photo: Batman Forever.. Image Courtesy Warner Bros. / DC Universe /

If you’re a fan of Batman, then Netflix is the place for you. The streaming platform features several Caped Crusader productions for your viewing pleasure. Although it doesn’t compare to HBO Max, where you can find an abundance of DC superhero films and series, Netflix surprisingly does have a few solid picks.

Without further ado, here is a list of the Batman movies currently available on Netflix.

Is Batman Begins on Netflix?

Starring Christian Bale, Batman Begins focuses on Bruce Wayne’s rise to prominence as Batman. Batman Begins is the first installment in The Dark Knight film series. The movie also stars Michael Caine, Liam Neeson, Katie Holmes, Gary Oldman, Cillian Murphy, Tom Wilkinson, Rutger Hauer, Ken Watanabe, and Morgan Freeman. The film is currently streaming on Netflix.

Is The Dark Knight on Netflix?

The Dark Knight is my favorite Batman movie of all time. Featuring the late Heath Ledger as the Joker, the film is action-packed and emotional. This version of the Joker is truly thrilling to watch and feels very close to the version depicted in the source material. The movie is now streaming on Netflix and is currently on the streaming service’s top 10 list.

Is Batman: The Killing Joke on Netflix?

Based on the graphic novel of the same name by Alan Moore and Brian Bolland, Batman: The Killing Joke features the voice talents of voices of Kevin Conroy, Mark Hamill, Tara Strong, and Ray Wise.  The animated film follows Batman as he tries to once again thwart the Joker, who is trying to drive Gotham police commissioner James Gordon towards a mental breakdown. You can find it on Netflix right now.

Is Lego DC Comics: Batman Be-Leaguered on Netflix?

Lego DC Comics: Batman Be-Leaguered is an animated short film about Batman and several other DC Comics superheroes fighting crime. It can be found on Netflix.

Is Gotham on Netflix?

Although it’s not technically a movie, Gotham is technically about Batman and his companions. Gotham is a television series that delves into the backstory of James Gordon. The show features appearances from numerous characters at the heart of Batman lore, including Bruce Wayne, Jonathan Crane, Lucius Fox, and Selina Kyle. All five seasons of the prequel series are currently available on Netflix.

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