Moxie ending explained and questions left over

Moxie. Lauren Tsai as Claudia, Hadley Robinson as Vivian in Moxie. Cr Colleen Hayes/NETFLIX © 2020
Moxie. Lauren Tsai as Claudia, Hadley Robinson as Vivian in Moxie. Cr Colleen Hayes/NETFLIX © 2020 /

Moxie is one of those movies that many young girls and women will want to watch again. It did leave questions, though. Here’s the Moxie ending explained.

We all know what it’s like to be a teenage girl. If your school didn’t have a list where guys ranked the girls, you were lucky. It was degrading and awful, even if you did get one of the “good” titles.

Then there was the dress code. Now, I grew up in the UK where uniforms are a thing for all until Sixth Form. However, there were still rules that were mostly for the girls than the boys. Think skirts at a certain level, now bra straps on show, etc.

Just recently, there was a girl in Canada sent home for wearing an evening dress over a turtle neck sweater because her teacher had inappropriate thoughts about the dress. Guess what; it’s not a woman’s job to prevent a man from having improper thoughts and as a parent, I would seriously question a school who didn’t discipline the teacher for his comments about the dress.

Moxie does a great job of showing women taking back control. Of course, there are some who fight back and view themselves as the victims. There are some women who don’t want a younger generation to gain equality trying to gain a simple life. But that’s not what this post is about.

It’s about how the movie ends. We need to break it all down in this post with the Moxie ending explained. At the same time, there are a few questions left over.

Moxie ending explained: Who took the blame for the zine?

There wasn’t a huge search for the person behind the zine Moxie until the principal became the target. To protect her friend, Claudia took the blame and was suspended.

Vivian gets angrier and angrier throughout the movie. I don’t blame her. She’s trying to bring change but nothing really ever changes. It’s something women continually feel. And just as we start to get change there is something else that comes around and pushes us back.

Vivian isn’t sure what to do until she gets an anonymous letter about being raped. That’s when Vivian does one last thing from the social media account and stages a walk-out at school.

Once she’s walked out, Vivian tells everyone with her that she started Moxie. Lucy also takes the blame since she started the Instagram account. It’s okay, though, nobody seems to get in trouble for any of this.

Emma then steps forward to share that she was the one who wrote the letter. She’s the one who was raped, and Mitchell was the one who raped her. We see the principal get Mitchell from class (because, of course, he didn’t walk out in support of the girls), but the focus is on the group of girls and boys who are in support to change the sexist ways of the school.

So many questions for Moxie

As well as bringing you the Moxie ending explained, it’s also about questions that could help to set up some sort of sequel.

By the end of the movie, there are a lot of questions. The main ones surround Mitchell and Principal Shelley.

Emma had the courage to tell people that Mitchell raped her, but that’s it. She hasn’t said she’s going to tell the cops about it. Saying it to a group of people doesn’t guarantee anything.

And yet, Principal Shelley went to the classroom to get Mitchell. Now, I’m glad Shelley finally did something, but I’d be surprised if she actually heard anything that was going on outside. And I want to see what happens next.

I can probably guess what happens next. Mitchell will get away with most of it, getting a three-month probation or something. Think Bryce Walker on 13 Reasons Why, because that’s the type of thing that happens in a system that is inherently sexist. The only good thing that could come from this is that Kiera gets the scholarship because Shelley realizes that she can’t support a rapist.

What happens to Shelley, too. Does she really get to remain principal after everything that happened? She doesn’t have the trust of the students and this entire walkout was put on social media. Parents were there at the end. Surely something has to happen against the principal who has allowed the sexist, awful behavior to go unchecked at the school.

Also, what happens now at the school? Moxie is no longer some secret zine that comes out now and then. Everyone knows Vivian is the one behind it. Can it continue?

I’d say it should do, especially with the Instagram account. This is a chance to point out any other sexist behavior that continues in the school after this. It’s a chance to continue pushing for equality. I just don’t think Moxie would be as big as it was when it was anonymous.

Just please tell me that this friendship group remains strong, because it was awesome to see Vivian, Lucy, Claudia, and so many others come together to support each other. These are the types of female friendships we need more of.

What did you think of Moxie ending? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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