6 best Netflix teen movies and shows to watch in March 2021

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Love Alarm on Netflix /

Netflix teen shows: 3. Love Alarm Season 2

We first met Kim Jo-jo (Kim So-hyun), Lee Hye-young (Jung Ga-ram), and Hwang Sun-oh (Song Kang) when they were teenagers navigating the waters of love using the Love Alarm app which caused more than a few problems. Now that they’re adults, things haven’t gotten any easier in this love triangle.

Love Alarm 2.0 has once again changed the romance game with an upgrade that tells users if someone within 10-feet is in love with them. Jo-jo’s alarm still isn’t ringing for Hye-young, but it is for Sun-oh. Still, she doesn’t know how she feels or who she wants.

Can an app really tell you who you love? Or are affairs of the heart not something that can be entirely reduced to technology and science?

Season 2 of Love Alarm will be available to stream March 12.

Netflix teen movies: 4. A Week Away

Fans of musicals will be happy to hear that Netflix has brought more sing-along fun under their banner. A Week Away is a musical drama that takes place at sleepaway camp.

Will Hawkins (Kevin Quinn) has two options after he gets in trouble with law enforcement. Either he attends a summer camp that could put him on a better path or he gets sentenced to time in a juvenile detention center.

The choice is, of course, easy which is how Will finds himself on a bus with Christian teens excited for another summer at Camp Aweegaway.

Will is not remotely in his element but when he meets Avery (Bailee Madison) that doesn’t seem to matter as much as getting to know her.

A Week Away will be available to stream on March 26.