5 must-watch movies on Netflix this weekend: The Girl on the Train and more

The Girl on the Train -- Courtesy of Netflix
The Girl on the Train -- Courtesy of Netflix /

While February has been a quiet month, there’s been plenty to watch. This weekend is no different with these five great movies on Netflix to check out.

There really was plenty to watch on Netflix throughout the month of February. Sure, there weren’t the big releases that we’d hoped to see like Lucifer and You, but there were some excellent shows and movies.

When it came to movies on Netflix, we had the likes of To All the Boys 3, Inception, and The Patriot to watch. There are still plenty of movies to check out throughout this weekend whether you like thrillers or need something a little lighter.

Sometimes, you need to be willing to try out something in another language. After all, India, Germany, and Spain tend to have some of the best content. Movies from some of these countries make it to the list for the last weekend of February.

5 great movies on Netflix to check out this weekend

The Girl on the Train

Let’s start with the Hindi-language thriller based on the Paula Hawkins novel of the same name. Parineeti Chopra stars as Mira, an alcoholic widow who sees the same woman on her train journey every day.

When that woman is found murdered, Mira finds herself in the middle of the investigation. She’s the prime suspect and she has absolutely no memory of the night. Did she do it?

No Escape

Sticking with thrillers, No Escape starring Owen Wilson is now available to stream on Netflix. The 2015 movie sees Jack Dwyer move with his family to Southeast Asia. While there, the whole family is caught in between riots and political uprisings.

Now he needs to get himself and his family out of the area. Is he really willing to do whatever it takes to get his family to safety?

Fair warning: It is a shallow movie. However, it’s more on the entertaining side of things rather than darkness like The Girl on the Train.

Who Am I?

Tom Schilling stars in the next movie on our list. Who Am I? is a German techno-thriller that will certainly make you rethink everything about technology. It is one of the strongest hacker movies on Netflix right now.

Schilling is Benjamin, a computer expert who forms a friendship with Max. The two of them along with max’s friends create a subversive hacker group called CLAY. Are they willing to cause anarchy?


All soccer (football for the rest of the world) fans will know Pelé. The Brazilian football player was part of Brazil’s team three times when they won the World Cup. However, apart from his brilliance at the game, how much do you really know about him?

The documentary movie Pelé is a must-watch this weekend for all soccer fans. It looks into his time during the three wins, including the military regime in Brazil at the time of his third win.

Space Sweepers

Need something a little lighter? We can turn back to movies on Netflix earlier in February for this. Space Sweepers is a must-watch.

The sci-fi movie has an excellent mix of comedy and action. After the latest debris chase, the Spaceship Victory snatches a crashed space shuttle. The crew find a seven-year-old girl is inside, but she’s no ordinary girl. She’s a humanlike robot that the UTS Space Guards want to find.

What do the crew do? They’re sweepers. They demand a ransom in exchange for the robot.

Which movies on Netflix are you watching this weekend? Let us know in the comments below.

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