Horror movies for Valentine’s Day that prove true love really exists

After Midnight. Image courtesy Shudder
After Midnight. Image courtesy Shudder /
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Valentine’s Day horror movies: The Transfiguration (2016)

This isn’t just another teen vampire love story. Milo is an alienated teen who honestly believes he’s a vampire. And in the tradition of romantic horror movies you should watch on Valentine’s Day, the very first scene involves bloodshed. We have young Milo and his vampiric fascination to thank for this.

Then Milo meets Sophie. Trigger warning: this meeting occurs directly after her gang rape.

Like Milo, Sophie qualifies as an outcast. The two quickly become inseparable, and this begins to shake Milo’s worldview. Reality becomes blurred in this film, and so will your vision as your eyes water up during the conclusion.

Valentine’s Day horror movies: We Are the Night (2010)

Everyone loves a good lesbian vampire flick, but they’re few and far between outside of the exploitation genre. We Are the Night breaks away from that genre and offers a true to life romantic horror movie. The true love story begins when Louise plucks Lena from a wretched criminal existence by turning her into a vampire.

Louise lost her true love years before, and she’s spent all her time trying to find a new companion. That explains why she now has three underlings. Lena might just be the one Louise has sought after for generations, but the new vampiress could have found love in someone else.

This romantic horror movie takes us to some dark places, but that’s just a little balance on Valentine’s Day.