7 best couples on Netflix: Mileven, Covinsky and more

To All The Boys I've Loved Before - Credit: Netflix
To All The Boys I've Loved Before - Credit: Netflix /
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Best couples from Netflix movies and shows

With Valentine’s Day quickly arriving, there is no better time than now to reflect on our favorite couples from Netflix movies and shows.

We’re celebrating couples all week long at Netflix. On Monday, Feb. 8, we dedicated the whole day to our favorite couples from Netflix movies and shows.

The streaming platform has a plethora of lovey-dovey content. It contains everything from acclaimed teen romance movies to horror dramas and light-hearted comedies. This list encompasses a diverse selection of seven “to die for” couples on Netflix.

Continue reading to see our list of best couples on Netflix from some of our favorite shows.

Best couples on Netflix: Eleven and Mike

Starting off strong with Stranger Things comes the relationship between Mike Wheeler and Eleven. These two preteens have a romance that spans monstrous attacks and life or death situations. First kissing at the end of season one, the duo’s relationship has see-sawed vigorously.

Their relationship has hiccuped through spouts of jealousy and moments of misinterpretation like in season 2 when Eleven acts out after catching Mike chatting with newcomer Max. She thought the two were flirting and harbored resentment for both of them. Such a sad turn of events!

Although they are a definite fan-favorite, their status is up for question in the upcoming fourth season as Eleven is moving away from Hawkins, Indiana and Mike to join the Byers in restarting their life away from The Upside Down.

Best couples on Netflix: David and Patrick

The next couple is David Rose and Patrick Brewer from the feel-good show Schitt’s Creek. Since Patrick’s introduction in the third season, the two have become one of the most popular gay relationships in contemporary television.  As the show tends to stray away from gloomy storylines, these two men are usually flying high. That’s not to say that they don’t face a few hardships as every great romance does, but they always land on their feet.

David had a never-ending list of bad romances before he entered his relationship with Patrick, so their flawless chemistry and wholesomeness is something that’s deeply appreciated by fans.

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