6 Netflix shows we’re still waiting to be renewed

ON MY BLOCK - Credit: Gilles Mingasson/Netflix
ON MY BLOCK - Credit: Gilles Mingasson/Netflix /
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Is Cursed going to be canceled?

Cursed premiered on Netflix in July 2020 and was a pretty big release for the streaming network. The series is based on the illustrated novel of the same name by Tom Wheeler and Frank Miller, and it’s quite good.

The series is good, too, but I don’t know if necessarily lived up to the extremely high bar for fantasy shows and movies right now in a post-Game of Thrones world.

We’re still waiting to find out if Cursed season 2 is going to happen at Netflix. I’m a little worried about this show, but it was always going to take a while for season 2 anyway, and that’s because there will likely be another book tie-in with Wheeler and Miller. That’s my guess, anyway.

If that happens, it’ll be 2022 before Cursed season 2 is released on Netflix, and that wait was anticipated before the pandemic. Well, now, things are going to be even more delayed, but we don’t know exactly what that means moving forward.

I still think Cursed season 2 will happen. There are too many big names involved and the story is there for multiple seasons. Fans love fantasy shows. Even if the first season wasn’t super popular, the potential is there for something big.

Stay tuned for more news about Cursed season 2.