Netflix is adding 11 new movies and shows this week

Outlander Season 4 -- Courtesy of Aimee Spinks/STARZ
Outlander Season 4 -- Courtesy of Aimee Spinks/STARZ /

A new week is here and somehow, we’re almost to February already! A new week also means new movies and shows will be added to Netflix.  Whether you’re looking for a new season of a popular romance series, a new movie with one of the former stars of The Walking Dead, or a kids film all about a dog, Netflix has a little something for everyone this week.

Outlander fans! Your time is here. If you don’t watch the show live on Starz, you’ve probably been waiting forever for season 4 to hit Netflix. It’s finally arriving on Wednesday, Jan. 27. It’s been two years since this season aired live, so US fans have definitely had a long wait.

The season starts off with Jamie and Claire in North Carolina (a British colony at the time) and trying to figure out how to get back to Scotland. Jamie and Claire’s daughter, Brianna, also makes her way through the stones with Roger (who just proposed to Brianna and was rejected) following close behind.

Take a look at the trailer here:

More in the mood for something completely new? Penguin Bloom starring Andrew Garfield, Naomi Watts, Rachel House, and Jacki Weaver also hits Netflix on Wednesday, Jan. 27.

Netflix adding Outlander, The Dig, and Penguin Bloom this week

The film follows a photographer and his family who are dealing with his wife’s recent paralysis. They decide to take in an injured magpie and this decision ends up changing their lives in ways they never could have expected and giving them hope for the future.

Check out the trailer here:

Or maybe you’re looking for a heartwarming movie about a dog? Really, who isn’t? We’re all in luck because June & Kopi comes to Netflix on Thursday, Jan. 28. The movie follows a street dog as it’s taken in by a family and finds an eager friend and accomplice in the family’s pit bull. There is no information on this movie on so I can’t make any guarantees. Just be cautious.

Take a look at the trailer here:

There is even a movie for history fans! The Dig starring Carey Mulligan, Lily James, Ken Stott, and Ralph Fiennes is coming to Netflix on Friday, Jan. 29. The film follows the excavation of Sutton Hoo in 1938. The owner of the Sutton Hoo estate invites an archaeologist to excavate the land where they find a ship buried under a group of grassy hills.

Take a peek at the trailer here:

New on Netflix this week: Jan. 24-30

Jan. 26

Go Dog Go: Season 1

Jan. 27

50M2: Season 1
Bonding: Season 2
Outlander: Season 4
Penguin Bloom 

Jan. 28

June & Kopi

Jan. 29

Below Zero / Bajocero
Finding ‘Ohana
The Dig
We Are The Brooklyn Saints: Season 1

What will you be watching on Netflix this week? Let us know in the comments below!

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