15 good Netflix movies you missed in 2020

Work It -- Courtesy of Elly Dassas/Netflix
Work It -- Courtesy of Elly Dassas/Netflix /
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2. The Hater

Netflix has so many great movies available it’s very easy to let some of the compelling titles they have on display go entirely unnoticed. Most of these magnificent movies come from all over the globe, and if one can conquer their fear of subtitles, they could experience some extremely engrossing motion pictures.

One of which that is extremely timely and relevant in this world of fake news and social media trolls is a film called The Hater. Directed by Jan Komasa, the polish feature holds a stellar Rotten Tomatoes rating and has been praised by critics everywhere, making it a must-see affair from start to finish.

The Hater stars Maciej Musiałowski as Tomasz Giemza, a disgraced student of law who has an unhealthy obsession with the progressive, upper-class Krasucki family, who ends up taking a position at a public relations firm. He takes on what he thinks is just another assignment, but it ends up developing into an effective troll farm. Tomasz quickly learns he has a knack for spreading misinformation and fake news that targets famous individuals like internet celebrities, influencers, and politicians. Eventually, he uses his skills to track and control the Krasuckis family making this sinister tale a must add to anyone’s watchlist who may have missed it on Netflix in 2020.