7 perfect Christmas movies on Netflix to watch on Christmas Day

A Christmas Prince 2 - Credit: Netflix
A Christmas Prince 2 - Credit: Netflix /
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The Princess Switch – Credit: Netflix /

The Princess Switch

If you’ve seen The Parent Trap, you pretty much know how The Princess Switch goes. Two people who look very similar but come from vastly different backgrounds decide to switch places. Instead of to get parents back together, the doppelgangers are trying to manage their lives, their responsibilities, and the men in their lives.

Of course, there is plenty of romance to throw in. Both characters Vanessa Hudgens plays end up falling in love with the other guy. Will the characters learn the truth? Will it all go off without a hitch? You’ll have to watch to find out.

You don’t want to have to think on Christmas Day. Throw on a movie that is just designed to entertain.

There is a sequel to The Princess Switch, this time involving three lookalikes. A third movie is confirmed coming in 2021.

Holiday in the Wild

Finally, it’s a movie for the grownups in the house. Holiday in the Wild is one of those slightly different Christmas movies on Netflix to check out.

The setting isn’t full of snow and Christmas trees. Instead, Kate, played by Kristen Davis, heads to Africa for Christmas. It was supposed to be her second honeymoon with her husband, but the husband ends their marriage, so she goes alone.

While she’s out there, she and a pilot, Derek (Rob Lowe) rescue a baby elephant. Of course, Kate realizes that going back home isn’t something she wants to do. Look at what happens when you have a holiday in the wild.

Which Christmas movies on Netflix are you watching on Christmas Day? Let us know in the comments below.

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