7 perfect Christmas movies on Netflix to watch on Christmas Day

A Christmas Prince 2 - Credit: Netflix
A Christmas Prince 2 - Credit: Netflix /
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THE CHRISTMAS CHRONICLES – Credit: Michael Gibson/Netflix /

The Christmas Chronicles

Next up is the surprising Christmas movie of 2018. Who would have thought yet another movie about teenagers helping Santa save Christmas could be so entertaining. But this one captured so much heart within its feature-length offering.

The movie doesn’t just focus on helping Santa save Christmas. In fact, the teens don’t really help and are mostly doing a lot of it themselves while Santa is stuck in jail singing. Okay, Santa does more than that!

We get a story of hope, but also one of loss. There are lessons about being a true believer and moving forward after the loss of a loved one.

The second movie is just as good as the first. This time Kate is with her possible future stepbrother and they’re in the North Pole when someone wants the magical Christmas star. You get two movies for the price of one.


Need another animated movie? How about another one of those Christmas movies on Netflix that was a huge surprise at the time of its release? You’ve got it all with Klaus.

The animated family movie is about a postman who proves to be the worst at the academy. He ends up posted to a frozen town in the North, and it turns out Santa is hiding out there. He just doesn’t realize that it’s Santa at the time.

Klaus was nominated for an Academy Award, making it the first animated Netflix movie to get that recognition. It lost out to Toy Story 4, but a nomination is a prize within itself.