25 best animated Christmas movies and specials on Netflix

Klaus - Credit: Netflix
Klaus - Credit: Netflix /
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5. Super Monsters Save Christmas (2019)

It is no secret that the remarkable Super Monster series has been a solid go-to for parents looking for something reliable for their kids to watch that’s both entertaining and appropriate for the young folk. With so many great specials to choose from, it can be hard to decide which one to choose, but luckily for everyone, there is a fun endeavor for every occasion, including the time of year when Santa Claus visits. Super Monsters Save Christmas is another fantastic holiday-themed adventure from the memorable and very beloved Netflix franchise that was released on the streaming service on September 26, 2019. And as a treat for fans in this exciting ordeal, good old Chris Kringle joins the fun in this must-see holiday affair

This time around, it is Christmas Eve in Pitchfork Pines, and the Super Monsters are joining forces once again for a mission of the gravest importance. Together they must deck the halls, find Santa’s missing reindeer and save the holiday before it’s all too late. The stakes have never been higher, and there is no shortage of heartfelt fun subscribers will experience when enjoying the superb twenty-four minute Netflix special Super Monsters Save Christmas.