25 best animated Christmas movies and specials on Netflix

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Angela's Christmas Wish 3 - Christmas cartoons

25 good animated Christmas movies and specials on Netflix

Out of all the great content on Netflix, we shared 25 absolutely fantastic holiday themed-cartoons, animated Christmas movies and Christmas specials to enjoy this holiday season on Netflix.

One of the best things about Christmas time are the cartoons, and thankfully there are so many animated endeavors that tell some incredibly entertaining holiday-themed stories. While many fear searching the vast array of streaming services for some of the best options out there when it comes to worthwhile cartoons to watch this season, those in need should look no further than the streaming powerhouse that is Netflix.

Animation allows creators to do wondrous things on-screen, and if you dd in all that Christmas magic, the end result is truly something special that everyone can make part of their holiday tradition. Many of us remember enjoying classics year in and year out, and it’s understandable to be on the lookout for similar endeavors to add to the list.

Thankfully this trend of making engaging, educational, and entertaining holiday-themed content for the world hasn’t slowed down. Now there is a new class of flicks to enjoy with so many of these great titles available on Netflix, including Netflix originals and more.

Some of the biggest franchises have not missed out on the opportunity to get in on all the yuletide action and offer up fans a memorable narrative highlighting the festive season. Whether it’s the hero’s of Marvel to the whimsical characters or my little Pony all the way to the more mature-oriented titters like the heavy metal fanatic Aggretseko and the deeply funny BoJack horseman, there is no shortage of memorable characters getting in on the festive season. Heck, even Pac man is getting in on Noel-centric good times meaning there is literally something for everyone when it comes to cartoon capers of the Christmas variety available at the click of a button on Netflix.

1. Angela’s Christmas (2017)

Angel’s Christmas is a brilliantly written and visually stunning Irish-Canadain animated film that the entire family can enjoy this Christmas. The story is based on the Children’s story from Pulitzer Prize-winning author Frank McCourt which was his only work for kids ever produced. The narrative comes from a story his mother would tell him and his brother as a child. His widow Elle McCourt serves as executive producer on the film, and his brother Malachy McCourt provided the narration. There are also some very talented individuals bringing this unique project to life, with Academy Award nominee Ruth Negga lending her superior vocal talents to the main character Angela. Contributing to the motion picture’ soundtrack is Cranberries lead vocalist Dolores O’Riordan.

The 2017 short film received several nominations at the 46th Daytime Emmy Awards and the 2018 Emile Awards. The heartwarming story full of laughs and lessons takes place in Ireland in the 1910s and follows the main character Angela as she attempts to fulfill her innocent desire to make sure everyone is safe, warm, and loved at Christmas. The entire endeavor is one of the best feel-good holiday-themed stories available on Netflix, and it should remain high on everyone’s watch list this season.