The Christmas Chronicles 2 ending explained

The Christmas Chronicles 2 - Credit: Joe Lederer / fotojo
The Christmas Chronicles 2 - Credit: Joe Lederer / fotojo /

What happened at the end of The Christmas Chronicles 2?

Kate and Santa teamed up once more to save Christmas. Here’s a breakdown of everything that happened at the end of The Christmas Chronicles 2.

It all started with a young man getting Kate and Jack, her mother’s boyfriend’s son, and sending them to the North Pole. That all happened so this young man could get into Santa’s Grotto, a place protected by magic.

The young man was a former elf, who had be cursed and turned into a human because of his attitude to life. He wanted to steal Santa’s star that would protect the home and create his own “Santa’s Grotto” like world in the South Pole. When the star was destroyed, it looked like Christmas would be over.

Of course, Santa and Kate weren’t going to let that happen. While they went to get the star and ended up on a trip to the past, Mrs. Clause and Jack helped the drugged elves and saved Dasher’s life, who had been terrified after a canon blast full of the drug that affected the elves.

Kate meets her father as a teenage

While in the past, Kate found herself stuck in a room as a runaway/lost child. While there, she met a young man who ended up being the 13-year-old version of her dad.

It was a sweet moment. This also gave Kate the chance to see that her attitude toward her mom was wrong. Her mom’s boyfriend wasn’t trying to replace her dad and Kate’s sadness about her dad didn’t mean everyone had to feel the exact same way.

This meeting in 1990 led to Kate realizing that it was time to let her mom’s boyfriend in. He could be part of their lives.

Saving Christmas on The Christmas Chronicles 2

The main story of The Christmas Chronicles 2 was all about saving Christmas. Santa got the forest elves to make a new star for him after the first one broke. However, Belsnickle hadn’t left for the South Pole right away. He wanted to make sure Santa wouldn’t get another star.

That was when he sent Santa and Kate back to 1990, where a song was needed to raise Christmas spirit and get everyone back home.

Once back, it was time to get the star back on the tree and get everything up and running again. Jack had managed to get the antidote to the drug needed and Mrs. Clause made the potion. The canons used to send out snow shot out the antidote to save the elves.

The focus was on Belsnickle, who made it clear that he just wanted to end the curse. There was only one way to do that. He had to remember what being an elf meant. He had to stop his selfish ways and become what he once was.

It was a gift from Santa that helped him love again. That gift was the first toy they ever made together, something Santa had kept and worked on throughout the years to get it working again.

This moment was the final bit for Kate. She and Belsnickle both realized that there’s room in the hearts of others to love multiple people at the same time. Just because others come into their lives doesn’t mean people in the past are forgotten. And Belsnickle had never been forgotten by Santa and Mrs. Clause.

With Belsnickle an elf again, Christmas was saved once more. Kate and Jack could go back home.

Oh, and Mrs. Clause did save Dasher. We never had any doubt there, though.

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