What is Trial 4 on Netflix about?

Sean Ellis with Rosemary Scapicchio in episode 1 (Chapter 1) of Trial Four. Cr. NETFLIX © 2020
Sean Ellis with Rosemary Scapicchio in episode 1 (Chapter 1) of Trial Four. Cr. NETFLIX © 2020 /

If you love true crime, then you should check out Trial 4 on Netflix. The eight-episode series tells the story of Sean Ellis, a man who has spent over 20 years in prison for a crime he did not commit.

Here’s what we know about the true crime docuseries Trial 4.

When did Trial 4 come out?

According to IMDb, the new docuseries premiered on Netflix just a few days ago on November 11.

Who directed Trial 4?

As reported by Boston, the series was directed by documentary filmmaker Remy Burkel. Burkel first met Sean Ellis, the primary subject of the documentary, in 2017 and spent another two years filming Trial 4.

Trial 4 synopsis

Marie Claire wrote a great article explaining the details of Sean Ellis’ case.

In 1993, Ellis was arrested at age 19 for the murder of John Mulligan. Mulligan was a Boston police officer; he had been shot multiple times in the head while asleep in his vehicle, which was parked in a Walgreens parking lot. Ellis admitted to entering the Walgreens that night but said he had nothing to do with the murder.

All in all, there were four trials about this case. In January 1995, Ellis’ first trial, a mistrial was declared after the jury was unable to come to an unanimous decision. There was a second trial in March 1995, which ended with the same results. The third trial, which took place in September 1995, resulted in Ellis being found guilty of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison.

A retrial was granted in 2015, allowing Ellis to get out of prison on bail. In 2018, after spending years in prison, Sean Ellis was finally declared to be a free man after the Suffolk County District Attorney decided to dismiss the charges against him.

Sean Ellis is now a free man, dedicating his time to criminal justice reform and advocacy.

Trial 4 trailer

You can check out the trailer for the new Netflix title below.

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