Netflix is adding 20 new movies and shows this week

JINGLE JANGLE: A CHRISTMAS JOURNEY (2020)Madalen Mills as Journey Jangle and Forest Whitaker as Jeronicus Jangle.Cr.Gareth Gatrell/NETFLIX
JINGLE JANGLE: A CHRISTMAS JOURNEY (2020)Madalen Mills as Journey Jangle and Forest Whitaker as Jeronicus Jangle.Cr.Gareth Gatrell/NETFLIX /

Netflix adding 20 new movies and shows this week

While last week may have seemed like it lasted a year, we’re finally to a new week and that means new movies and shows are coming to Netflix. While they may not all be to you, many are either brand new to the streaming service or actually new content for all of us.

Whether you’re looking for a WWII drama, the next season of a popular horror series, or a new Christmas movie, Netflix has something new for everyone this week.

While we rarely see animated historical war dramas, that’s about to change. The Liberator hits Netflix on Wednesday, Nov. 11. The series tells the true story of the Thunderbirds, a group of soldiers that consisted of Native Americans, Mexican Americans, and cowboys from the Dust Bowl, as they make a 500-day march through Nazi-occupied Europe in 1943.

Take a look at the trailer here:

More in the mood for a different kind of horror? Season 9 of American Horror Story/American Horror Story: 1984  is coming to Netflix on Friday, Nov. 13. This season is set in 1984 and follows Brooke Thompson (played by Emma Roberts) as she travels to become a camp counselor at Camp Redwood. She has just had an encounter with a serial killer and is using this as an escape with her friends. But it turns out Brooke’s first encounter with a killer won’t be her last as one is now on the loose and headed for the camp.

Check out the trailer here:

Looking for something a little happier? Christmas movies have started coming to Netflix and this week you can check out Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey on Friday, Nov. 13. The movie takes place in the fictional town of Cobbleton where a famous toymaker, Jeronicus Jangle (played by Forest Whitaker) who makes magical creations.

That is until his apprentice (played by Keegan-Michael Key) steals his most beloved creation. It’s up to Jangle’s granddaughter to restore peace and bring back magic. This looks so fun!

Take a peek at the trailer here:

You can also check out Fruitvale Station starring Michael B. Jordan, Octavia Spencer, and Melonie Diaz when it comes to Netflix on Thursday, Nov. 12.

New on Netflix this week: Nov. 8-14

Nov. 9

Undercover: Season 2

Nov. 10

A Lion in the House
Dash & Lily: Season 1
Trash Truck: Season 1

Nov. 11

A Queen Is Born: Season 1
Aunty Donna’s Big Ol’ House of Fun: Season 1
The Liberator
Trial 4: Season 1
What We Wanted / Was wir wollten

Nov. 12

A Very Special Love 
First Love 
Fruitvale Station
Graceful Friends: Season 1
Memories of a Teenager / Yo, Adolscente
Prom Night

Nov. 13

American Horror Story: Season 9
Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey
The Life Ahead / La vita davanti a se
The Minions of Midas

What will you be watching this week on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below!

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