Stranger Things Day: Season 1 rewind

Stranger Things season 1 production still. Photo: Curtis Baker/Netflix
Stranger Things season 1 production still. Photo: Curtis Baker/Netflix /
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Stranger Things season 4 - Eleven
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Best season 1 moments

There are so many great moments and plot twists in season 1, here are some of my favorites:

  • “Mornings are for coffee and contemplation.” I can relate, Hopper.
  • Hopper finds out the body in the lake isn’t Will, it’s a fake.
  • Eleven saves Mike from falling off the cliff, admits she opened the gate and believes she’s the monster. But Mike is quick to reassure her she’s not. I just wanted to join in on that group hug.
  • Eleven makes the van fly up as they’re running away from Papa. Seriously, one of the coolest shots from the whole show.
  • “Friends don’t lie.”
  • Hopper and Joyce save Will from the Upside Down. This was such a good idea. The flashbacks to Hopper’s daughter dying were so heartbreaking in this moment.
  • Jonathan, Nancy and Steve fight the Demogorgon. Serious props to the director. This whole setup and the way it was shot and edited was spectacular.
  • Eleven defeats the Demogorgon. I still have no words.
  • The season ends with two awesome cliffhangers – Eleven is out there and the Upside Down still hasn’t completely left Will alone.

Best moments in GIFs

I thought it would be fun to add in some of the best moments in GIF form! Do you remember what’s happening just by looking at these shots?

You can find a whole lot more Stranger Things gifs on GIPHY.

What did you like most about season 1? What are some of your favorite moments? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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