Paranormal is coming to Netflix tonight

Ahmed Amin in Paranormal Season 1 - Photo Credit: Batool Al Daawi/Netflix
Ahmed Amin in Paranormal Season 1 - Photo Credit: Batool Al Daawi/Netflix /

Paranormal release date on Netflix

October is over, but that doesn’t mean Netflix won’t release more horror movies and shows. Paranormal is Netflix’s next horror series that you need to watch.

If you like The Haunting series, Paranormal should be your next binge-watch.

Paranormal will be available to stream on Netflix on Thursday, Nov. 5. The series will be added to Netflix at 12:01 a.m. PT, so you can stay up late on Wednesday night and watch the new series.

Paranormal is an Arabic original series from Netflix. The series is based on a sci-fi horror novel series of the same name by Ahmed Khaled Tawfik. Before the author died, there were 81 books in the series.

The story follows Fefaat Ismail (Ahmed Amin), a hematologist who starts experiencing paranormal activities. Refaat’s colleague, Maggie (Razane Jammal), also starts to experience paranormal activity, which leads them into danger in a paranormal world which they must face in order to save their loved ones.

Ahmed Dash stars as Reda Ismail in the series, while Samma Ibrahim stars as Ra’iefa Ismail and Aya Samaha stars as Huwaida Abdel Moniem.

The series was filmed in Egypt and only recently wrapped filming after the production was shut down due to the pandemic.

Below is the creepy teaser trailer that is sure to get horror fans excited for this series.

Anytime you have a horror show that features creepy child or their voices, you know it is bound to be quiet spooky. The children in the trailer are playing hide and seek with a voice stating there is no such thing as paranormal. And right after that statement, things seem to go straight to the paranormal. The trailer ends with a scream from a woman as she is confronted by something in the shadows.

Be sure to catch Paranormal on November 5 on Netflix.

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