25 most captivating docuseries on Netflix

Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez - Credit: Netflix
Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez - Credit: Netflix /
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Trial By Media

There is no denying the media is a very influential part of how society makes its determinations of certain events and that public opinion is a powerful thing. But this really isn’t anything new as this practice has been going on long before the “fake news” era the world currently finds itself in, and there is one Netflix original docuseries that chronicles how this industry impacts the world’s view of significant court cases. Trial By Media is a documentary miniseries that follows some high-level court affairs that received extensive coverage by the media and the consequences this had on these moments in history.

The series is executive produced by George Clooney and several other talented individuals. Trial By Media features six episodes, each covering a different case that shocked the nation. From the infamous civil suits against producers and distributors involved in the Talk Show Murder where Jonathon Schmitz killed Scott Amedure after an appearance on The Jenny Jone Show and the 1984 tabloid driven trial of the “Subway Vigilante” in New York City, the Netflix origins features a comprehensive and intriguing look into the what the industry portrays these events and the effect it has on the millions of viewers that only have the news outlet’s perception. This fascinating look into this addictive form of media will offer a very compelling look at something that continues to become a more significant factor every day, making it a solid choice for the top of the watch list.