Can you download movies on Netflix?

Spenser Confidential - Credit: Daniel McFadden
Spenser Confidential - Credit: Daniel McFadden /

How do you download movies on Netflix?

Have you ever wanted to watch your favorite Netflix movies when you’re, say, waiting in line somewhere, on a long road trip or flight, or something? And maybe you’re worried about your cellular data or you know you’re going to be offline for some reason so you’d prefer to just have movies on hand?  Well, great news! You can download movies on Netflix!

The ability to download movies on Netflix has been around for several years now actually. On Nov. 30, 2016, Netflix announced a download option was coming to its app. It would enable anyone with the Netflix app on their phone or tablet to download and go. (At first, you could only download on phones and tablets, but not laptops or PCs. Now you can download to any device or computer that runs Windows 10.)

Not that people are traveling as much these days, but when they were (and when we start doing it more again) a lot of people like to have their favorite Netflix movies and shows to watch during flights, layovers, etc.

Netflix has always had its pulse on what its consumers want, and what they want is to binge! Maybe they started the latest season of a popular show like Stranger Things or The Crown and, sure, they have a trip coming up, but why let that interrupt their viewing? Or maybe there are a bunch of movies they haven’t had time to see and know they’ll have uninterrupted time to enjoy them while they’re on the road.

Downloading is the obvious answer.

But how do you do it?

Netflix includes step-by-step instructions in their Help Center. It’s super easy, and basically, the same whether you’re doing it from the app on your phone or tablet or via your Windows 10 device.

It’s just a matter of selecting “Downloads” on the app, and then selecting “See What You Can Download,” “Find Something to Download” or “Find More to Download.”

The same goes for Windows 10. Select “Menu” and then find “Available for Download.”

Not all movies are available to download on Netflix, but if the one you’re interested in is, it will have a download icon next to it, which looks like an arrow pointing down with a line under it.

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