Can Netflix movies be recorded?

The Willoughbys - Credit: Netflix
The Willoughbys - Credit: Netflix /

Is it possible to record Netflix movies on your own devices?

Can Netflix movies be recorded? There is a surprising amount of people who want to know this.

Netflix movies are available to stream on the platform. But there are many who want to record the movies on another device, possibly to watch on the go or to watch when their internet connection is iffy, similarly to how they’ll use their DVD players.

Then there are others who will want to record onto a DVD to be able to share it with others, even possibly sending the DVD to friends. This way, people can watch movies over and over again without having to keep the Netflix subscription going.

So, let’s look into the possibility of recording Netflix movies and the legalities of it.

No, you can’t record Netflix movies legally

Netflix movies cannot be recorded through the streaming platform. Sure, there are people who will say that they have software that records or that they use their phones or another device to record, but this isn’t legal.

We’re not even going to go into the questionable methods. If people record and watch elsewhere, the creators of the movies, the actors on them, and the crew involved don’t get paid for their work. We don’t support that!

When you record, you’re archiving the content. It’s not legal.

You can download to watch offline

There is some good news for those who want to watch movies on Netflix when they may not have an internet connection. You can download movies onto your device.

This is done through the streamer, and the content is there for a limited amount of time. Eventually, the download expires, but you can always re-download if the content is still available to stream.

This is a neat thing to do if you find out your favorite movie or TV show is leaving Netflix. If you download, you have an extra 30 days to watch. It’s not the same as recording, but it’s legal.

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