25 most intriguing sci-fi movies on Netflix

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Sci-fi movies on Netflix: What Happened to Monday (2017)

There are a lot of intriguing things about science fiction films, especially when a project makes a bold casting move. Playing one character is difficult in its own right but imagine taking on the harrowing task of playing multiple parts in the same scene several times while trying to captivate viewers with a stunning, action-packed performance. What Happened to Monday offers subscribers a look at a chilling dystopian future where overpopulation has caused a global crisis resulting in a strict worldwide one-child-only policy enforced by an agency called the Child Allocation Bureau. Their job is to make sure every child except for the eldest is put into cryosleep, with the oldest being tracked by a tracking bracelet.

What Happened to Monday focuses on a group of Septuplet children named after a day of the week that live in secrecy with each one taking on the eldest personality named after their mother who died during pregnancy only on the day of their name. But when Monday fails to return home, it kicks off the slow burn unraveling of a much bigger conspiracy in play and reveals that these sisters don’t know everything about one another. Noomi Rapace gives an epic performance as seven different characters, and the costume design for each one is very well-crafted. The visuals are on point in the potential cult film, and the action is up to par with other Netflix original entries making this title one subscribers can enjoy any day of the week.