10 good horror shows to watch on Netflix for Halloween 2020

Photo: The Haunting of Hill House.. Courtesy Steve Dietl/Netflix
Photo: The Haunting of Hill House.. Courtesy Steve Dietl/Netflix /
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8. Marianne

There are some horror shows on Netflix that don’t get a lot of promotion. Some of them flounder, but there’s the odd gem that just takes off. Marianne was one of the latter, quickly gaining a following because of how downright scary it is.

The series follows a famous horror writer who heads back to her hometown. She doesn’t do this by choice but is lured there, and it’s all thanks to some evil spirit that is wreaking havoc on the world. Can Marianne put a stop to it all, or is she doomed to the darkness?

7. You

Technically, You isn’t really classed as one of the horror shows on Netflix. That doesn’t stop it from being downright terrifying when you think about all the details. It’s also one that feels like it could happen to you, and there are individuals out there who have had it happen to them.

Based on the book by Caroline Kepnes, You follows Joe, who is obsessed with a woman called Beck. He is so obsessed that he starts stalking her, although he believes he’s protecting her. Can things work out for Beck in the end? What happens when she learns the truth?

There are two seasons to the show. In the second season, Joe moves onto Love, who has a few skeletons in her closet.