10 good horror shows to watch on Netflix for Halloween 2020

Photo: The Haunting of Hill House.. Courtesy Steve Dietl/Netflix
Photo: The Haunting of Hill House.. Courtesy Steve Dietl/Netflix /
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10. October Faction

We start with a Netflix series that only has one season. It’s a shame this series was so unceremoniously canceled, and mostly because it just didn’t get the promotion that it deserved. However, don’t let October Faction pass you by.

Based on the graphic novels of the same name, October Faction focuses on a family of demon hunters. They spend their time protecting the world from the things that go bump in the night. Mixed in with that is the family drama that comes with having kids, especially teenage twins!

If you love this, you’ll want to check out Superstition, a SYFY series on Netflix that also only has one season. This one pays homage to another TV series on this list.

9. Black Mirror

Black Mirror is an excellent British TV series that is now a Netflix original. Don’t worry about watching the seasons in order. It’s an anthology series, that focuses on dystopian futures and strange events. Think of it as a little like The Twilight Zone.

Individuals work against technology that seems to want to take over their lives. There are a few moments that feel completely real, which will certainly unsettle you the next time you pick up your phone.

The fourth season did things a little differently by making it interactive. Definitely a fun way to start for Halloween 2020.