10 good horror shows to watch on Netflix for Halloween 2020

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Photo: The Haunting of Hill House.. Courtesy Steve Dietl/Netflix

10 horror shows on Netflix you need to check out this Halloween

Halloween 2020 is just around the corner. This is one that won’t quite be the same with everything going on, so you’re looking for some good horror shows on Netflix to bide your time.

The good news is that Netflix is packed with excellent shows to watch. Some of the scariest offerings are original series. Others are third-party shows that you’ll want to watch while you can. There’s no guarantee they’ll be around next year.

Not everything on this list is conventional horror. They haven’t been described as being in the “horror genre,” but the storylines set out definitely make them scary. Then there are others that are just downright scary.

Some of these are long. You’ll want to start watching them now just to finish by Halloween. Alternatively, you can start on Halloween and then watch all the way up to Christmas. There are other shows that are short, so you’ll get through them in one weekend, especially with the extra hour!

Whether you love fantastical horror or you prefer something that’s grounded and feels real, we’ve got you covered. It’s time to dive into the best horror shows on Netflix for this Halloween.

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