5 Netflix movies and shows to watch if you like Emily in Paris


5 movies and shows to watch like Emily in Paris

Emily in Paris is a delightful new Netflix show available to stream right now. This series stars Lily Collins as the title character who is an American who gets sent to the Paris office by her current employer to offer up an American point of view. She’s so American that her French co-workers just don’t know how to take her. Although she struggles in her professional and personal life, she does start to acclimate to the Parisian ways. It is an outstanding romantic comedy that will keep you wanting more.

But, you’ve already watched Emily in Paris. Now what?

Below, we shared a list of great Netflix movies and shows to watch that will give you a similar feeling as Emily in Paris.

1. Someone Great

This film is one that is kind of hidden away on Netflix. Someone Great is an awesome movie about three best friends who want to have one last hurrah in New York City before one of them leaves to take on her dream job in San Fransisco.

Gina Rodriguez plays Jenny, who gets her dream job at Rolling Stone magazine and will be moving. Brittany Snow is Blair, a social media manager who has lost chemistry with her boyfriend and wants to break up with him. DeWanda Wise, a real estate agent, fearing commitment, has trouble expressing her feelings towards her girlfriend.

The girls plan a night on the town to have one last great night of memories.

The movie also stars Lakeith Stanfield, RuPaul, Rosario Dawson, and a cameo by QuestLove.

It is a fun rom-com with perhaps not a unique story, but the chemistry between the actors more than makes up for that.

2. Always Be My Maybe

This movie is such a great watch because the storyline is so fun. Always Be My Maybe follows childhood friends who have been reacquainted after not seeing one another after a bad teen break up.

Sasha (Ali Wong) and Marcus (Randall Park) reconnect after many years and realize there is still some romantic chemistry between them. Sasha, a celebrity chef, returns to San Francisco to open a restaurant.

James Saito, Michelle Buteau, Vivian Bang, Daniel Dae Kim and Keanu Reeves, who plays himself, star in the Netflix movie.

Sasha and Marcus run into issues because their lives are so different. Will they be able to make things work out? Guess you will have to watch and see.

3. The Prince and Me

The 2004 rom-com The Prince and Me is a fun story following a tale of a pre-med student and a prince disguised as a college student.

Julie Stiles and Luke Mably star in this sweet tale of a Danish prince trying to find his way in the world and the American college girl who falls for him.

In Denmark, Edvard (Mably) is quite the playboy and finds out that what he believes to be true about Amerian college girls is most assuredly not true. When he meets Paige (Stiles), he gets a quick lesson of just how untrue his ideas are. Edvard’s plan to keep his identity a secret, of course, fails at some point, causing some stress between the two.

They each get a look at the other’s life, first when Paige invites Edvard to her family farm in Wisconsin and second when Paige follows Edvard to his kingdom in Denmark.

Ben Miller, James Fox and Miranda Richardson also star in the film.

This film also gave way to three direct-to-video sequels with different writers, a new director and a new actor to play Paige.

4. The Unicorn

The series The Unicorn that airs on CBS is now available to stream on Netflix.

Wade (Walton Goggins) is a widowed father to two daughters. It’s been a year since he lost his wife, and his friends have encouraged him to start dating. Since he is a wonderful father and an all-around great guy, he is surprised to learn that makes for an appealing partner.

Goggins is in good company starring with Rob Corddry, Michaela Watkins, Omar Miller and Lynne Robinson, who play his friends and support group.

This is a different role for Goggins as a lot of times we see him as a villain. So, this is a refreshing part to see him play.

The series has been renewed for a second season by CBS, but you can enjoy season 1 until then.

5. The Duchess

This one is a bit different but sort of along the lines as the above suggestions. First off, this one is a lot more crass than other rom-coms. The Duchess was created by and stars Kathrine Ryan. If you aren’t familiar with Ryan’s work, she is a stand-up comedian and her act isn’t for the faint of heart.

Ryan plays Katherine, a Canadian living in England and is a single mother raising her proper English daughter, Olive (Katy Byrne). Kathrine isn’t your typical mom; she is rude and crass and has no problem telling off other mom’s when needed. Kathrine isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but she brings a new dynamic to the romantic comedy genre.

Kathrine had her child with a former boy band member, Shep (Rory Keenan) and they have basically hated each other ever since.  While they are both horrible people and awful to one another, they do love their daughter and want to be good parents to her.

The series also stars Steen Raskopoulos, Michelle de Swarte, Sophie Fletcher and Doon Mackichan.

So, be warned with this one. It is funny but crude.

Other great go-to titles in the rom-com genre: My Best Friends Wedding, The Wedding Planner and New Girl (series). 

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