All American ups Chelsea Tavares to series regular for season 3

We’ll see a lot more of Chelsea Tavares on All American season 3

There is some excellent news for Patience fans. All American season 3 will include her a whole lot more as Chelsea Tavares has been upped to series regular.

Tavares’s character was introduced in the first season, guest-starring in 19 episodes over the last two seasons in total. However, she quickly became a fan-favorite on the show, with fans calling for more time with the influential, strong-willed character.

We have our wish, as Deadline reports the news of the promotion. Fans will also get to see Tavares on Animal Kingdom season 5, which has been delayed due to the pandemic.

What to expect from Patience on All American season 3

Over the course of the 19 episodes we’ve seen her, Chelsea has had an excellent storyline for viewers. This is a character who is trying to make a name for herself as a lyricist, and we’ve watched her struggle to understand Coop’s hesitance in coming out.

Patience’s family has always been supportive. When Patience came out as a lesbian, her family was there for her. Coop feared that her family wouldn’t act in the same way, but Patience couldn’t quite understand that. We got this excellent storyline about different worlds and different experiences shaping the people that we are.

Now that Patience will be around for more episodes, there’s a chance to explore the relationship more. This is a chance for All American to create an inclusive and supportive love story possibly on the level that Shadowhunters did with Alec and Magnus or something like The 100‘s Lexa and Clarke (before that terrible decision in the writing).

When to expect All American season 3

The third season is set to premiere in January 2021. Despite its necessity on the air right now, The CW opted to push all fall programming to January due to the pandemic. It took the pressure off the various studios to return to filming in time for a fall premiere date.

There isn’t any update on when the show will premiere exactly just yet. However, it will air on Mondays when it returns. Once it finishes its run on The CW, we’ll get the full season on Netflix.

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