What movies on Netflix are actually scary?

1999 Johnny Deep Stars In The Movie 'Sleepy Hollow.' (Photo By Getty Images)
1999 Johnny Deep Stars In The Movie 'Sleepy Hollow.' (Photo By Getty Images) /
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Netflix what movies on Netflix are actually scary
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Is Shutter actually scary?

There are a lot of intriguing foreign titles available in Netflix’s impressive library of content, but finding international gems that can offer something viewers haven’t seen before from the horror genre is a rarity on the streaming powerhouse.

This doesn’t mean there aren’t enough options because there is plenty to choose from. But when one does stumble upon a spooky piece of cinema from overseas, it should be revered as something everyone should have at the top of their watchlist if they re intending on scaring themselves and others half to death. That’s why the 2004 Thai film Shutter is a picture-perfect display of film terror down right.

Most probably saw and forgot about the less than ideal 2008 American remake, which doesn’t do the original justice by any means. Shutter follows a couple after they hit a woman with their car and make the rash decision to drive away from the scene. Then soon afterward, strange things begin to happen, and signs of evil begin to pop up in their photographs. Vengeance, regret, and fear are the core elements that make this frightful international ordeal a must-watch for any Netflix subscriber looking to scare themselves and enjoy a well-crafted narrative.