30 best Halloween movies and shows on Netflix (2020)

Hubie Halloween, 2020Tim Meadows as Mr. Lester Herlihy and Maya Rudolph as Mrs. Herlihy. Cr. Scott Yamano/NETFLIX © 2020
Hubie Halloween, 2020Tim Meadows as Mr. Lester Herlihy and Maya Rudolph as Mrs. Herlihy. Cr. Scott Yamano/NETFLIX © 2020 /
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Hubie Halloween - Halloween movies
Hubie Halloween, Adam Sandler as Hubie Dubois.Cr. Scott Yamano/NETFLIX ©2020 /

30 good Halloween movies and shows to watch on Netflix in 2020

The Halloween season is all about spooks and chills. If you are searching for a good fright, there is no streaming service with more Halloween movies and shows than Netflix.

Streaming services were created to supposedly facilitate watching TV and movies. Millions of TV and movie fans have cut ties with cable and opted to stream their entertainment. But with so many options these days, it’s difficult to know when and where to go to for the content we want.

This is particularly true during a holiday, and with Halloween right around the corner, horror fans and fans of Halloween movies and shows are likely scrambling to find good movies and TV shows to add to their Halloween binge-watches.

Many networks will be broadcasting classic movies, sure. Those Halloween movies and shows won’t air on our time, but on theirs. Netflix is the best place for a large variety of thrills. The streaming network has it all, from jump scares to truly keep-you-up-at-night features.

To help you find all the content you want this Halloween, we put together a list of the 30 best Halloween movies and shows to watch right now.

Some of the following Netflix movies and shows you may have already heard about due to how popular they became, including The Haunting of Hill House and The Babysitter movies.

Even if you’re always on top of everything Netflix has to offer, there may still be some Halloween movies and shows you have missed.

Read on and be sure to share with us if we missed any fun and spooky (or terrifying) Halloween movies and shows.

Halloween movies and shows: 30. In the Tall Grass

Netflix’s In the Tall Grass is not a movie that’s for everybody. If you feel you’re in for a wild ride that’ll take you on more twists and turns than expected, I suggest you add it to your list of Halloween movies to watch. Otherwise, I’d skip it if you’re searching for a more straight-forward feature.

In the Tall Grass is an adaptation from Stephen King and Joe Hill’s novel of the same name. The story follows a pair of siblings, Becky (Layla De Oliveira) and Cal (Avery Whitted), who stop for a quick break to stretch their legs after a long drive.

They pull up next to a large grass field and hear the cries of a young boy asking for help. Not long after Becky and Cal enter the tall grass, they learn the boy is not alone and that they may never be able to escape.

Halloween movies and shows: 29. Fractured

If hospitals already freak you out, Fractured on Netflix won’t exactly help the paranoia. The mystery-drama follows a concept you may have already read about or seen before, but that doesn’t make the mystery any less entertaining or easier to solve!

For a movie that’ll keep you guessing until the final moments, watch Fractured. The movie stars Sam Worthington as Ray, a man who drives his family to the hospital after his young daughter suffers an accident.

When his daughter goes in to be checked out along with Ray’s wife, Joanne (Lily Rabe), they never return. Ray demands answers when the hospital staff claims that he entered the facility alone. Is Ray insane or is the sketchy hospital up to something?