Emmys 2020: Why BoJack Horseman should win an Emmy

BoJack Horseman - Credit: Netflix
BoJack Horseman - Credit: Netflix /

Netflix’s BoJack Horseman should win an Emmy in 2020

Bojack Horseman should finally win the prize it deserves at the 2020 Emmys.

It’s no surprise that Netflix absolutely swept the Emmy nominations this year. In fact, the networked racked up an impressive 160 nominations, which is more than any other network!

This year, the Netflix original animated series Bojack Horseman up for its third nomination at the Emmys. This is the show’s second time being nominated in the “Outstanding Animated Program” category. This year, the nomination was given to the penultimate episode of the final season, “The View from Halfway Down.”

I’ll be honest, I was a little sad to find out that the show would be ending after the sixth season, but the way it ended was just too perfect that it was hard to be mad about it. Seeing BoJack hit these really high (in many senses of the word) moments then plummet to this worst exposed just how his actions affected all of the other people in his life and that’s exactly what “The View from Halfway Down” reveals.

An article from Vulture shares that the Emmy nominated episode “represents the major traumatic events that have weighed most heavily on BoJack’s psyche”.

Ultimately, it’s a psychedelic, trippy, and almost otherworldly view of BoJack’s past told through a lens of dark comedy that doesn’t stray from telling things as they are and confronting the idea of death right in the face.

There’s plenty to talk about when it comes to “The View from Halfway Down”, let alone all of season 6 as a whole. That alone should prove that it’s finally time for BoJack Horseman to win the Emmy it deserves.

The show was nominated in the same category at the 2019 Emmys for the episode “Free Churro”, in which Bojack delivered a deeply personal eulogy for his mother, only to find out he had been in the wrong funeral hall the entire time. It’s another way the show uses dark comedy to reveal all the flaws in Bojack’s life.

Bojack Horseman is up against huge hits such as Big MouthBob’s Burgers, Rick and Morty and longtime winner The Simpsons. My hope is that everyone will realize how important the show proved to be over its six seasons and that “The View from Halfway Down” will be viewed as a piece of art within a show that has been sitting on the sidelines when it comes to a platform as big as the Emmy Awards.

You can catch this broadcast of the COVID-19 era 2020 Emmy Awards Sunday, September 20 on ABC! Which Netflix originals are you hoping to win this year? Let us know and stay tuned for any further updates on our picks!

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