5 bold predictions for Lucifer season 5, part 2


Are you okay, Lucifans? Are you alive? Have you processed all the beauty that was Lucifer season 5, part 1? I’m still having a hard time with all these feelings, I will admit, but I’m also more than ready to discuss them with all of you!

I can’t think of a better way to get the conversation started than with some theories! We, after all, got a lot of information – and some shocks – in season 5, part 1.

So what can we expect in part 2 and in Lucifer season 6? Well, let’s speculate!

5 bold predictions for Lucifer season 5, part 2

1. Ella is going to go on a dark spiral

Yes, we’ve already seen her lose faith, and the consequences of that, but have we really seen Ella go dark? We know she’s capable of it, but we’re used to the happy, sunny Ella, the one that, even when she’s making bad decisions for herself, always has a kind word and a smile for everyone else.

After Pete, though, it feels like the only way forward for the character is to actually go through darkness, the one that’s not just about self-sabotaging, but the one that permeates every aspect of your life. Ella has, after all, always been the one character who’s there for everyone else, and this is the kind of storyline that could push others into having to be there for her.

Plus, it’s the kind of storyline that could, hopefully, end with her finally learning Lucifer’s secret. She is, after all, the only one who doesn’t know at this point. Something’s gotta give.

2. Trixie already knows Lucifer is the Devil

Part of the reason why Lucifer was so angry at Dan in season 5, part 1 was, of course, because Dan seems to want to shoot first, ask questions later, but also because Dan reacting the way he did to the revelation that Lucifer is, well, Lucifer, seemed very dumb to him. He has, after all, never denied he was.

Enter Trixie.

I think there will come a point where Lucifer and Chloe will have to tell Trixie about Lucifer, ahem, divinity. Except Trixie has been paying attention all this time, and she is a kid, so it’s likely – or at least my pet theory – that Trixie already knows. Why wouldn’t she believe it?

And, can you imagine Lucifer’s face if Trixie’s reaction is something like, been there, knew that. Priceless.

3. Dad is not what he seems

This one’s kind of obvious, and yet is it? We have a pretty darn good idea of who dad is after five seasons. And though at first the story was coming only from Lucifer, at this point, we’ve heard Amenadiel, Michael, Uriel, Maze, not to mention Mom’s POV, among others. They all paint pretty much the same picture of Dad, and it’s not always the kindest one.

But can he be all of that? Likely not.

It would just be too obvious, and the Lucifer writers are many things, but obvious has never been one of them. So there’s gotta be more to Dad than meets the eye. The question, of course, is if it’s just a matter of skewed perspective, or if he has allowed these misconceptions to go on because he has an even bigger plan than anyone could have imagined.

4. Charlie does have powers

So Charlie froze right before Dad got to the precinct, while Lucifer, Amenadiel, Michael and Maze went on with the fight. The assumption made by Amenadiel, Lucifer, and us is that the only way for this to be is if Charlie is, in fact, fully human. Except, we don’t know that for sure.

Charlie is the first half-angel. Whatever the rules are for celestials, whatever Amenadiel thinks he knows, doesn’t necessarily apply to Charlie, because Charlie is a half-angel, not a full one. Besides, that’s without even going into Michael’s manipulation and who even froze time in the first place.

If we had to bet, we’d say Charlie is going to develop some powers, or at least show some signs of divinity at some point before the series is over. That’s just too big an opportunity to pass up, and hey, grandpa’s now around!

5. Maze will get her soul

Nothing has ever made more sense for a show that’s trying to close out character storylines than for Maze to get a soul. For so long, Maze has let what she is define the way she behaves, and though she’s made connections, there’s a part of her that still sees herself the way Lucifer sees her, as just a demon.

But Maze is so much more, and despite what Lucifer might say, there are no rules set in stone in this show, especially not when you bring in the big guy. And if anyone deserves to finish of this journey becoming the person she always has been, that’s Maze.

Though we do hope the show remembers that Maze getting a soul won’t necessarily make her something she isn’t. Maze has already proven to be a loyal friend, and a good person, soul or no soul. This is just icing on the cake.

What do you think about our predictions for Lucifer season 5, part 2?

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